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Electromagnetic 3PC dry belt magnetic separator for tantalum
2014/12/31 0:00:00

 Three-disc electromagnetic separator is sorting mineral size less than 2-3mm of weakly magnetic minerals and rare metal ore selection, it is very important mineral processing equipment. Three-disc electrmagnetic separator have 3 models.

Three-disc electromagnetic separator is for a variety of strong magnetic minerals mixed ore separation, according to the difference of magnetic minerals, can achieving efficient separation of minerals can form different intensity magnetic disk by adjusting the excitation current levels, can also be adjusted each level disk and sensing distance between dressing grain is to get different magnetic induction intensity, reaching a one-time separation of various minerals. This device is widely used in ilmenite, monazite, tungsten, tin, tantalum, iron ore and other minerals with magnetic and non-magnetic dry sorting.



The equipment have reasonable structure, small footprint, simple operation and maintenance, its one-time separate variety of ferromagnetic minerals, weakly magnetic, non-magnetic and so on. Operations can be adapted to water-lack mines.

Product Structure

Main part of the separator by the "mountain" shaped magnetic system, magnetic system suspended above the rotating disk and vibration slots (or belt) components.