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Iron Ore Magnectic Separator

Raw materials:
magnetite, calcined ore
Max feeding size:
Magnetic separator is the mining equipment of weak magnetism, which is applicable for the strong magnetism mineral less than 5mm. It is widely used to separate sand in rivers, lakes and in mineral separation factory. And it is also used to recycle industrial scoria and sulfuric-acid residue. Used for pre-concentration in the magnetic separation mill, remove the waste stones out of the ore and restore grade. Used for stope the recover iron ore from tailings and increase the utilization rate of ore resources. Used for the iron and steel factories. Handle the discarded steel slag and mill scales to recover the iron. Used for the garbage handling. Recover the useful metals and improve the quality of environment.
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Description of Magnetic separator

Magnetic separator is suitable for wet magnetic separation of materials such as magnetite, calcined ore, etc. and it can remove the iron in the coal, non-metal and construction industries. The magnetic system is made from high quality ferrite magnetic materials and /or rare earth magnet steel. On the shell surface, the magnet intensity is 100-600mt. The wet type permanent magnet cylindrical separator is commonly used for iron ore separation. It is suitable for separating materials with high magnetism. In recent years, it has been used as concentrating equipment in place of magnetic dewatering cell.  


Features of magnetic separator

1) Simple structure and easy to maintain

2) Short magnetic circuit

3) Little magnetic flux leakage

4) High magnetic intensity, low energy consumption

5) Fine beneficiating result

7) The drum is made from thick stainless steel for long service life.


Working principle of Magnetic separator

When the raw materials flow into the tank body of the wet drum magnetic separator, firstly, the flowing direction of the raw materials is the same as the rotary direction of the magnetic drum, the iron magnetite materials are attracted to the surface of drum. This is the first separation in the second step, the flushing water below flush the raw materials back for the second separation. This time the flowing direction of the raw materials is opposite to the rotary direction of the magnetic drum. Then along with the rotation of drum, the iron magnetite materials on the surface of drum will finally leave the magnetic field and fall to the ore concentrate box under gravity. Also, the flushing water above helps to flush the iron magnetite into the ore concentrate box. The weak magnetic and non-magnetic materials can not be attracted and will flow to the discharge pipe for tailings.


Structure of Magnetic separator 

Magnetic separator mainly consists of such four parts as cylinder, magnetic system, cell and transmission parts.





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