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Raw materials:
metallurgy, mining, coal, chemicals, building materials
0.4-40 t/h
Max feeding size:
The application of gold thickner: High efficiency concentrator is widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal, chemicals, building materials, environmental protection departments for the processing of slime, waste water and waste residue, which is of great significance for the backwater utilization, bottom flow conveyor concentration and environmental protection.
Shipping ports:
30 days
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Introduction of gold thickner:

Mineral thickner /concentrator is generally comprised of the concentration tank, drag davit, gearing, lifting device, feeding device, discharging device and signal safety devices.
The main working features of the concentrator/high efficiency concentrator is to add a certain amount of flocculant in the slurry to be concentrated to make the mineral particles form into the floc and accelerate their settling velocity, thus achieving the purpose of  improving enrichment efficiency.


High efficiency gold thickner features:
1, adding the flocculation increase the particle size of the sedimentation solid particles so as to speed up the settling velocity;
2, the installation of inclined plate shortens the sedimentation distance of the mineral particles and increases the size of the sedimentation;
3, making the mud deposited layer of dense phase play the roll of flocculation, filtering, compression and improving the processing capacity;
4, it is equipped with a complete self-control facilities




Main parameters of gold thickner:

Model Diameter Depth Angle Drive time Lifing highth Capacity Power Weight
m m   min mm t/24h kw t
NZS1 1.8 1.8 2 160 5.6 1.1 1.24
NZS3 3.6 1.8 2.5 350 22 1.1 3.1
NZS6 6 3 3.7 200 62 1.1 3.7
NZS9 9 3 4.3 250 140 3 5.2
NZS12 12 3.5 5.2 250 250 3 8.5
NZS15 15 4.4 10.4 400 350 5.5 21.7
NZS20 20 4.4 10.4 400 500 5.5 24.5
NZS30 30 5.1 13 400 584 7.5


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