Multi-cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

What multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher?

hydraulic cone crushe

Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is typical crushing equipment for medium crushing and fine crushing of hard materials. This types of cone crushers are developed on the basis of spring cone crusher. Its basic structure is similar to that of spring cone crusher. It is used in the industry of mining, metallurgy, construction, chemical, electric power, transportation and others.

The cavity of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has a short head type and standard type, two cavity-type application is different. The standard type is used for secondary crushing and tertiary crushing. The particle size of the finished product is usually larger than 25mm. It does not need closed-circuit to be used for secondary crushing. The ratio of crushing is 4 ~ 6 and which better to crushing after screening. The short head type used for tertiary cone crusher which finished particle size less than 25 mm. This stone crusher needs closed-circuit circulation, and the crushing ratio is 3 ~ 5, it must screening after crushing.

Reasons that affecting product size

The product particle size depends on whether the crushing process is open-circuit or closed-circuit. If we want to obtain satisfactory product size, we must know the required discharge port. Here the discharge port refers to an approximate value. Even if two crushers are in the same working condition, the discharge port may not be the same.

Relatively small crushing chamber can set a smaller discharge port and better regulation of discharge port. It is easier to obtain good particle shape with the small crushing chamber. In terms of product size, the best product size can be obtained by the short-headed crushing chamber. The second is the standard fine cavity, the larger the cavity, the less easy to obtain a good product granule. To ensure a good product particle size, the crushing ratio should be limited to 3 to 3.5.

How to get better product particle size

A good product particle shape should ensure that the ratio of maximum size to a minimum size of more than 90% of the product is less than 3(the smaller the ratio, the better). And the number of samples taken should be no less than 300. The product size of crushing materials is determined by many factors. But the main influencing factors are feeding, crushing cavity, discharging port, crushing equipment and crushing technology.

1. Correct feeding

Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher must achieve full cavity feeding (material is 300mm higher than the distributor). It can feed and level sensor chain, and build a feeding bin to achieve full cavity feeding. Stable and continuous grading feeding can avoid the change of crushing power and the disconnection of grading. Meanwhile, it can keep stable crushing cavity and discharging opening. The product grain size of wide grading feed is better than that of narrow grading feed.

This part of the feeding material smaller than the discharge opening will increase the extrusion between the materials and have a good filling effect on the crushing cavity. Not too thin, It is better to be slightly less than or equal to the size of the discharge port, the proportion is not 20%. A large discharge opening will result in more sheet products. So it needs a smaller discharge opening in order to get a good product particle shape. And the crushing ratio should be kept between 3 and 3.5. This requires good control of feed size, it is best not to exceed 50 mm. The unsatisfactory feeding will lead to a series of problems, such as the reduction of capacity of the crusher, the pulsation of the adjusting ring, the shortening of the service life of the lining plate, and the poor finished production shape.

2. Accurate crusher machine and chamber

Compared with Spring cone crusher, JXSC HP cone crusher machine can get better particle shape and achieve the effect of vertical shaft shaping. A small crusher can also obtain a better particle size. The output and fineness of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers are determined by power, crushing force and discharge opening.

The way to increase the power is to increase the feed rather than reduce the discharge port. The best crushing power is about 80% of the rated power. The runout of the adjusting ring is the most obvious and intuitive expression of the super-crushing force of the HP cone crusher. The adjust ring runout and power peak will add additional stress to the crusher, which will lead to the serious damage of the crusher.

crushed stone data

3. Closed-circuit circulation and crushing systems

Crusher equipment is a part of the crushing system, but other equipment will also affect the whole crushing system. The mineral conveying system must have sufficient conveying capacity. It is very important to buffer the bin before the crusher for the crusher to be filled stably. The small bin can solve the big problem. The effect of screening efficiency on the crushing system is also enormous. Inadequate screening, on the one hand, it causes too much fine material in the return material, easy to cause crusher overload. On the other hand, too much qualified fine material back to the crusher reduces the production capacity of the crushing system.

The foreign materials in the crushing system are very harmful to the crusher machine. For example, iron may cause the crusher to burn copper jacket, frame cracking, spindle fracture serious consequences. Closed-circuit cycle crushing, used in the secondary crushing can provide precise small feed grade for fine crushing. It avoids too much fine material into the crushing chamber that the crushing chamber to achieve an ideal filling effect. It uses fine crushing can improve the grading of continuous feeding and improve the quality of products.

4. Materials and products

In general, the rock softer, the crystalline particles of the rock more coarse, the product more coarse, the shape of the crushing particles more better. For example, we want to obtain 6 ~ 15 products. The secondary crushing adopts closed-circuit circulation which crushing to below 50, and the material screening below 6mm to ensure a stable 6 ~ 50 continuous grading for fine crushing. Fine crushing select multi-cylinder cone crusher short head cavity, 13 ~ 15 discharge gate, and closed-circuit crusher.

How to select the crushing chamber

The tight feeding opening of the crusher can not be less than the maximum feed diameter. The feed hole must not be too large or too small. If the feed hole is too large, the materials are mainly concentrated in the lower part of the crushing cavity crushing, which results in excessive wear of the lower part of the lining board, the lining board utilization ratio low. And the crushing ratio decreases, the crushing efficiency is low and it is easy to cause the dynamic cone rotation. If the feed hole is too small, the materials can not enter the crushing chamber, serious shrinkage of productivity, material inlet lining plate severe wear and even destruction. It will cause the breakage force to fluctuate greatly and the adjusting ring to jump, cause the rack seat cushion to damage, accelerate the lock cylinder seal wear, affect the stability of the equipment.

The abrasion of the material mainly affects the service life of the lining board. Increasing the manganese content of the lining board properly (not more than 20%) can increase the service life of the lining board. At present, the most used lining board is ZGMn18Cr2 material. A good liner utilization rate can reach 50% or even 60%.

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