JXSC mine machinery factory set up in 1985 which has three series machines. The crushing machine, sand making machine and mineral processing equipment. The types of stone crushers are cone, jaw, impact and mobile rock crushing. We supply cost-effective products and first-class service, solutions, support for customers. Our factory has an area of 10000 square meters, USD 1000 million fixed assets, and the engineer and technical personnel covering 15% of the total staff. To build a factory for the production and export of China's top mining machinery is our goal.

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What we give is not only the products; but also the best solution, the timely and considerate service. We will never stop our service after we produce qualified products.
We have a service net to satisfy all the customers and help our customers to get higher value from our equipment. We have professional Technicians and rich-experienced engineers on site. They care about the equipment of the customers and provide good, fast, and consummate after-sales service, technical support and full spare parts supply, which will keep the equipment and system in a good working condition. The moment when you decide to buy our products, we will be always with you, we will be a faithful partner of your cause, we will discuss with you on all your concerning questions, and then provide a solution.

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Latest News

Artificial Sand Making Plant

By [email protected] | April 4, 2019

Artificial Sand Making Plant and Machine When it comes to barren rock, do you think of a waste rock yard, which not only occupies a large amount of cultivated land, but also needs to pay a large amount of land occupation fees for this, and there is a danger of landslides and mudslides at any …

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Pebble Crusher

By [email protected] | April 3, 2019

Mexico 120T/H Pebble Crushing Line Our Mexico customer 120t/h river pebble crushing line was installed and put into operation. The whole production line is a three-stage closed-circuit system, which adopts the wet sand making process, graded crushing.  The description of river cobblestone crushing plant as following: 1 Description of pebble crushing site Location: nearby the …

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Aggregate Crushing Plant and Processing

By [email protected] | April 2, 2019

Aggregate Crushing Plant & Processing Equipment Abstract Sand and gravel aggregate production mainly include dry and semi-dry processes. Dry production means that the process of the entire production line is basically free of water. This dry type aggregate production process is mainly adopted in northern China. Semi-dry production means that there is no water in …

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Sand Manufacturing Plant Design

By [email protected] | April 1, 2019

Sand Manufacturing Plant Layout and Considerations Manufactured sand is one of the main raw materials for concrete, mortar and corresponding products. The traditional aggregate processing line is generally small in scale and lacks long-term planning and design, which cannot meet the needs of current development. Therefore, a new type of sand manufacturing plant came into …

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Complete Stone Crushing plant

By [email protected] | March 29, 2019

Complete Stone Crushing Plant: Equipment and Layout With the development of infrastructure construction in various places, the demand for sand and gravel materials is increasing day by day. This paper introduces the stone crushing plant by taking basalt and limestone as examples. 1 Basic process of stone crushing plant 1.1 Masterbatch mining Planning and design …

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How to Improve the Production of Sand Making Machines?

By [email protected] | March 26, 2019

How to Improve the Production of Sand Making Machines? The sand making machine is suitable for the crushing task of soft or medium hard and extremely hard materials. It is widely used in various ores, cement, refractory materials, aluminum soil clinker, corundum, glass raw materials, mechanism stone materials, gold slag, especially for High-hardness, extra-hard and …

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Cone Crushers

By [email protected] | March 25, 2019

Classification of Cone Crushers The cone crusher is basic crusher equipment of stone crushing filed, it has a wide range of applications in the construction, chemical, metallurgical, transportation, and other industries. Suitable for iron ore, non-ferrous ore, granite, limestone, quartzite, sand rock, pebbles, etc. According to the discharge demand, the cone crusher can be divided …

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Crushing Plant Design and Layout Considerations

By [email protected] | March 23, 2019

Crushing Plant Design and Layout Considerations The work of doing a research about Crushing Plant Design and Layout Considerations is necessary to bring further profit, reasonable crush plant is the fundamental of efficient crushing production. The main factors of crushing plant quality as following paper of crushing plant design and layout considerations. 1 Considerations of …

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