75TPH Limestone Crusher Plant In South Africa

75TPH Limestone Crusher Plant Information

Material: Limestone
Capacity: 75TPH(Ore density 2.6T /M3, mud content 15%, water content 10%)
Customer mine Country: South Africa
Feeding size: Max 1000mm (a little)
Output size: 0-50mm, and which 39.42% in the raw ore
Customer Requirements: Fixed jaw crusher plant. The feeder machine is a dump car.

Raw ore size distribution diagram
75TPH crusher plant Raw ore size distribution diagram
Process Flowchart Of 75TPH Limestone Crusher Plant In South Africa

flowchart of 75tph limestone crushing plant from jxsc


1. Services (installation, test run, training):
The supplier can provide basic drawings and schematic drawings of equipment installation. The domestic technicians will be provided for free to guide installation and debugging, and the buyer will provide technicians with room and board. The buyer shall prepare the necessary auxiliary materials for installation.

2. Quality guarantee:
The equipment is guaranteed for one year. In the warranty period, due to the quality of the product manufacturing, manufacturers free warranty (except wearing parts).

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