Vibrating Screen

Product Introduction
China vibrating screen manufacturer jxsc supply vibratory screening equipment that used in mineral processing, coal dressing, quarry, etc. The frequently-used types of screening equipment are circular vibrating screen and linear vibrating screen. Circular screening is a triple-deck, efficient Vibratory screening equipment. Specifical design for the stone quarry screen, also for coal, mineral processing, building materials, electric power, and chemical sector classification.
Application Field
Quarry, crawler sand, dry mortar, mechanism sand, power plant desulfurization, quartz sand, etc.

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Vibrating Screen Benefit

Principle of Operation:
The vibratory screening machine is to utilize reciprocating vibration of the vibration generator produced. The processing of the screen separates the different size material by single- or triple-deck screen. That is, according to the size of particles to separate. The underlayer is a small material, and the upper layer is coarse particle material. In the end, the course and fine particles are separated and the screening process is completed.

Performance characteristics:
1. The material screen drip line is long and has many screening specifications.
2. The eccentric block as an exciting force, a strong exciting force.
3. Sieve beams and sieve box connected by high strength bolts, no welding.
4. Sieve machine has the advantages of simple structure and convenient repair.
5. The small amplitude, high frequency, high dip structure, so this machine is of high efficiency, maximum, long life, low power consumption, low noise.


Five Factors of Effect Screening

The vibratory screen is the main equipment in aggregate processing. Five factors of effective screening.
1. The shape of the particle and screen size
Most screening material is cylinder or anomaly, and the screen size has both circular and rectangle. The shape of the material granule touch screen for particle whether passed has a big effect. The rectangle screen is good for the circular particle, and the circular screen for irregularity.
2. The opening rate of the screen surface
The more opening rate of the screen surface, the more passed.
3. The thickness of materials
If the materials are too thickness, the upside will difficult to pass. If the materials are too thin, the screening products will low, also undesirable.
4. The state of screen motion
The practice shows that level or vertical repeating motion of the screen, The screening effect is not good. The vibratory screeners combined the two motion is better.
5. The peculiarity of the material
All the size, humidity, friction and flowability of material will affect the screen. The humidity higher, friction bigger, flowability too bad, so the passing rate lower.


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