Spiral Sand Washing Machine

Spiral sand washing machine clean sand is mainly through the screw of equipment. Then the soil of sand is blended with water, the dirty water discharge from the drainage port. The sand screened under the effect of the screw, and discharge from the top outlet. The sand washing process is completed. According to the quantity of spiral, there is a single spiral sand washing machine and double.
JXSC china sand washing machine for sale. Both spiral and wheel sand washing machine. All the sand washing plant machines for sale: sand screening machine, sand recycling equipment. JXSC the equipment structure designed reasonable, washing sand clean and dehydration effective. The finished product of sand is of high quality.

Application Field
The washing equipment applies to wash fine and coarse materials. Clean, screen and purification for the industry such as road, quarry, hydropower and buildings.

Spiral sand washing machine Benefit

Parameter Specification

Feeding size: ≤10mm
Processing capacity: 75-350tph
Water consumption: 9-280m³/h

Performance characteristics:

1. Long Spirochetes, good sealing system.
2. Simple structure, strong processing ability.
3. Sand with low water content, low mud content.
4. Reasonable structure, convenient maintenance.
5.Long service life, few wearing parts.

JXSC has single spiral and double screws the two types of sand washing equipment in the sand plant. Compared with the two equipment, the sand cleaning effect of the double spiral sand washer machine is more stable.

Working principle of the spiral sand washer

The spiral sand washing equipment utilizes the buoyancy of the water, separates the dust and impurity with sand. Then stir through the screw blade to reach impurity removal from draining. The rotor of the machine used center structure, screw blade install on the center roller, then working by retarder link center roller. The machine is a borrow different weight of the solid particle, different speed of subsidence in the water to classified.

The difference between wheel and spiral sand washing machine


Wheel sand washing machine: The machine can come true washing, impurity removal, and dewatering of finished sand. The bad sand also will be weeded out. The bearing is separated from the water material to avoid the damage of the machine due to rust. The water can recycle use because of the settling pond with flocculant. The strong sealing of wheel equipment can be washing coarse sand and small particle material such as limestone.

Spiral sand washing machine: The spiral machine can washing, screening and impurity removal for a medium or coarse material impurities. And the main function is to classification. The equipment is much longer than the wheel, so it covers a huge area. It also can recycle use water to save water. If you need superior quality sand, the machine is you want.


Wheel sand washing machine: The main parts of the equipment are motor, wheel gear, vane wheel, precipitation tank and so on. It designed a professional, structure simple, stable operation. The machine made up of quality material, so the wear-resistance and corrosion resistance are good. The "giant wheel" principle to improve the sand product and quality.

Spiral sand washing machine:  The equipment can wash lesser sand compare with the wheel sand washing machine. And the spiral machine is used propel of the helical vane to washing soil. The sand washed more clean than the wheel. The machine is easy to maintain, and large capacity, power small.


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