Cone Crusher

JXSC stone crusher machine is widely used in many sectors, such as mining, smelting, building materials, roads, railways, water conservancy, and chemical industries. Our stone crushers machine is suitable for medium and fine crushed ores and rocks. Cone crushers are mainly divided into GP, HP and Symons series. JXSC provides high-quality cone crusher, like Mesto and Nordberg, we also have other types of rock crushing machines, such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, sand making machine.

The China cone crusher/ conical crushers can reduce the stone, rock, feed mineral material sizes, by the squeezing force between the fixed shaft and moving shaft. The target particle size could be adjusted by change the least gap between the two crushing shafts of the cone crushers machine. when the wedge or eccentric rotator starts to work, compression comes into being within the cavity, as the rock material moves down, as the chamber mouth becomes narrower, the material becomes smaller. The crushed material is discharged at the lowest of the machine once they through the chamber.

Capacity: 90TPH-1200TPH
Feeding size: 95mm-350mm
Suitable Material: Cobble, granite, basalt, iron, limestone, quartzite, diabase, iron ore, gold ore, copper ore, etc.

Capacity: 30TPH-1000TPH
Feeding size: 40mm-560mm
Suitable Material: Pebble, granite, basalt, iron ore, limestone, quartz, diabase, iron ore, gold, copper, etc.

Capacity: 80TPH-610TPH
Feeding size: 80mm-300mm
Suitable Material: Pebble, granite, basalt, iron ore, limestone, quartz, diabase, iron ore, gold, copper, etc.

Introduction of Cone Crusher

Cone crushers are widely used in metal and non-metal mines, cement plants, sand and stone metallurgy and other industries. It is applicable to various ores and rocks with fine and fine Platt hardness ≤5~16, such as iron ore, non-ferrous metal ore, granite, limestone, quartzite, sandstone, cobblestone, etc. The cone crushers working principle is the same as that of the gyratory crusher, but conical crusher only for crushing medium or fine material. The uniformity of the discharge particle size of the medium and fine crushing operations is generally higher than that required for the coarse crushing operation. Therefore, a parallel section must be provided at the lower part of the crushing chamber. At the same time, the rotation speed of the crushing cone must be accelerated so that the material is in the parallel zone. Subject to more than one squeeze.

The crushing of the medium-fine crushing operation is larger than coarse,so the loose volume after the crushing has a large increase. In order to prevent the crushing chamber from causing clogging, the total discharge cross section must be increased by increasing the diameter of the lower portion of the crushing cone without increasing the discharge opening to ensure the required discharge size.

The discharge opening of the cone crusher parts is small. It is easier to cause accidents if feeding  the non-crushed material. Because the medium and fine crushing operations have strict requirements on the discharge size, the discharge opening must be adjusted in time after the liner is worn, so the cone is broken. The fuse and adjustment device of the machine is more necessary than the rough operation.

When the Simon-type spring safety cone crusher is overloaded, the tapered housing forces the spring to compress and raise itself to increase the discharge opening and discharge the non-crushed material. The adjustment of the discharge opening is performed by adjusting the sleeve, and the adjustment sleeve of the housing can be rotated to drive the housing to rise or fall by the thread on the outer circumference to change the size of the discharge opening. The hydraulic cone crushers are secured and adjusted in the same way as a hydraulic gyratory crusher.
cone crusher 3D

Working Principle of Cone Crusher

When the cone crusher is working, the rotation of the motor is rotated by a belt pulley or a coupling, a cone crusher drive shaft and a conical crusher conical portion under a urging of the eccentric sleeve. Therefore, the broken wall of the crushing cone is close to and sometimes leaves the surface of the rolling wall fixed on the adjusting sleeve, so that the ore is continuously subjected to impact, pressing and bending in the crushing chamber to realize the crushing of the ore. The motor drives the eccentric sleeve to rotate by the bevel gear, so that the crushing cone rotates. The crushing cone is close to and then leaves the fixed cone to complete the crushing and discharging. The joint between the support sleeve and the frame body is pressed by the spring. When the crusher falls into a non-breakable object such as a metal block, the spring is compressed and deformed to discharge foreign matter, thereby achieving insurance and preventing damage to the machine.

When the cone crushers passes through the crushing chamber or the machine is overloaded for some reason, the cone crusher spring insurance system realizes the insurance, and the cone crusher discharge port increases. The foreign matter is discharged from the crushing chamber of the cone crusher. If the foreign matter is stuck in the ore, the clearing system can be used, so that the ore discharge continues to increase, so that the foreign matter is discharged into the crushing chamber of the cone crushers. Under the action of the spring, the cone crusher automatically resets the discharge port, and the cone crusher machine resumes normal operation. The surface of the crushing chamber is covered with a wear-resistant high manganese steel liner. The size of the discharge port is adjusted hydraulically or manually.

Single-Cylinder Cone Crusher

Traditional cone crusher is mostly spring structure, compared with single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher: high energy consumption and low productivity.

The single-cylinder cone crusher is named after it is supported by a hydraulic cylinder at the bottom to support its crushing force. Due to the high rigidity of the hydraulic medium, the load force of the crusher can be well supported. At the same time, the protection effect is better in the overload protection, and the crushing force can be made larger, so that the power factor can be improved, and the equipment and foundation can be reduced. Facility investment. The hydraulic cone crusher is also better than the spring cone crushers.

The single-cylinder cone-breaking construction is relatively simple, and the feed size can be made larger for the S-cavity single-cylinder cone crusher china. Since the CC series single-cylinder cone crusher has a relatively simple structure, it is simpler to use and maintain. JXSC CC series single-cylinder cone crusher has been widely used in hydropower, nuclear power, highway, high-speed rail, stone, mining and non-metal mines, and has been fully recognized by users. The market is widely used, and its performance is comparable to that of foreign mesto brands. Good equipment also needs good maintenance. The working condition during the use process also determines the service life of the equipment. It is very important to always do the maintenance work on the equipment to ensure that the equipment works under normal working conditions. Due to the structure of the single-cylinder cone crusher, special attention should be paid to the problems of crowding the feed, the segregation of the feed, the drop of the feed, and the like, and minimizing the unnecessary impact to cause abnormal damage to the crushers.
Single-cylinder cone crusher section plan

MP Multi-Cylinder Cone Crusher

The multi-cylinder cone crusher is evolved from the original multi-spring cone crusher. The hydraulic instead of the spring has a better protection effect, and the crushing force can be made larger so that it can be more powerful and more efficient. The hydraulic cone crushers are also better than the spring cone crusher. However, the structure of the hydraulic cone crusher is relatively more complicated. The cost of one input is higher than that of the spring cone crushers.

Although single-cylinder and multi-cylinders are named according to the number of hydraulic cylinders, we cannot simply understand that the construction of single-cylinder and multi-cylinder is the same. There is a big difference between the single-cylinder hydraulic cone breaking and the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone breaking. The multi-cylinder hydraulic cone has a broken load-bearing structure, and the main shaft is not as long as a single-cylinder hydraulic cone. The multi-cylinder hydraulic cone-breaking overload protection device is located outside the casing, and has multiple accumulators single or multiple safety valves, if there is excessive iron or jam. Accumulator stamping If the pressure continues to rise, the safety valve will be relieved, the upper frame will rise, and the gap between the broken walls will increase, and the iron block or the stuck material will fall.
MP multi-cylinder cone crusher section plan

HP Cone Crusher vs HY Cydraulic Cone Crusher

The following are the Nordberg hp series cone crushers, Sweden Sandvik's H-type hydraulic cone crushers, and the domestic y-spring cone crushers (roughly similar in appearance and internal structure to the cs spring cone breakers). Divided into standard type and short head type), the structure characteristic of these three kinds of cone crusher is compared.
(1) Fixed shaft comparison
The structure of fixed shaft of PY type and HP type cone crusher are basically similar, but because the HP type cone crusher adopts the hydraulic cylinder method, the support sleeve is easy to disassemble, and the pad between the branches is available. The replacement of the thin copper plate, so the branch can be better protected. The fixed cone composition of the H-type cone crusher is relatively simple, and the fixing and assembling of the fixed cone is also convenient and quick, but the disadvantage is that the gap between the connecting bolt and the bolt hole is small, and it is difficult to replace the bolt when the bolt breaks.
(2) Moving shaft comparison
Compared with the HP type cone crusher, the PY cone crusher differs mainly in the spindle, that is, the former spindle is mounted on the moving cone, and the latter spindle is mounted on the base. The advantage of the HP-type cone crushing motorized cone is that the overall height is low and it is convenient to place during maintenance. The moving cone of the PY-type cone crusher is affected by the spindle, and a special storage point with a trench is required for placement. In order to fix the moving cone, the H-type cone crusher adds a beam to the upper frame, which is easily affected by the beam to cause segregation of the feedstock and vibration.

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