Development of Cone Crushers

Development of Cone Crushers

The Cone Crusher, also known as the rotary crusher, gyratory crusher, is a coarse crusher suitable for use in factories with large production volumes. It mainly includes PY type, HP type and H type cone crusher. When the cone crusher machine is working, the motor drives the eccentric sleeve to rotate through the pulley and the bevel gear. When the eccentric sleeve rotates, it drives the crushing cone to rotate around the center, so that the surface of the broken cone is close to the fixed cone surface, and sometimes leaves. The conical surface is fixed, so the material entering the crushing chamber is constantly subjected to bending and squeezing forces. Cone crushers with the advantages of high productivity, low power consumption and stable operation.

1 Cones Crushers Development History

The domestic stone cone crusher machine was originally developed and produced in 1954 by the spring cone crusher of the former Soviet Union. The φ1200 spring cone crusher was independently developed. About 2000, domestic stone crusher manufacturers have produced H6800/ H8800 single-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers and HP300/ HP500 multi-cylinder cone crushers, and some manufacturers have produced H1800 series single-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers.
In the United States, AC first produced the world’s first cone crusher in 1878, and then in 1943 produced the S-type hydraulic cone crusher. The H1800 series of cone crushers from Sandvik, Sweden, not only improved the internal structure and parameters of the original crusher, but also equipped with more powerful motors. Krupp AG was founded in the early 20th century and provided 3 KB63×114 cone crushers for the world’s major mines.

Multi-cylinder cone crusher
Multi-cylinder cone crusher
Compound cone crusher
Compound cone crusher

2 Cone Crushers Patent Analysis

2.1 Annual Distribution of Patent Applications

In 1996, a series of patent applications for cone crushers appeared in China. In 2014, the number of patent applications for the structure of cone crushers in China began to increase substantially. The number of patent applications in the past four years accounted for more than 50% in the global application volume.
The development of cone crushers in foreign countries is mainly divided into three stages. In the 1980s, the cone crusher technology entered a period of low tide on a global scale. After 2005, new growth began again. The momentum, by 2011, there have been a large number of patent applications related to cone crusher technology on a global scale, and the development of the cone crusher field has made great breakthroughs.

2.2 Regional Distribution of Cone Crusher Patent Applications

The top six patent applications in the world are China, Austria, the United States, Japan, the former Soviet Union and Sweden, of which China is the first, accounting for 42% of the applications, followed by Austria, accounting for 14 of the total number of applications, the United States 6%, Japan, the former Soviet Union and Sweden each accounted for 5%. Before 2010, foreign applications for cone crusher technology have been relatively stable, and patents are mainly distributed in developed countries such as the former Soviet Union, the United States, Austria, and Japan.

3 Cone Crushers Development Trend

The future research direction of the cone crusher is mainly in the crushing cavity, and the principle of laminating crushing is used to achieve the purpose of selective crushing. Therefore, the key points of the new crusher design are: larger swing, higher swing frequency, and larger bottom cone angle, and the matching of the three are also important.
In addition, the drawbacks of the prior art crusher must be improved. Due to its complicated structure, the HP series multi-cylinder crusher has serious wear and tear, especially in the course of operation. The H-series single-cylinder crusher is simple in structure and easy to damage due to its simple structure. The long life of the piece, especially the failure during operation, will be the focus of future research.
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