The Common Malfunction of Cone Crusher

Cone crusher has a high crushing ratio, high efficiency, low energy consumption, uniform product size. It is suitable for crushing all kinds of ore, rock. It has a wide range of applications in metallurgy, construction, road, chemical and silicate industries. If the equipment appears problem will directly affect the production efficiency, affect the profit. So, what are the cone crusher Common malfunction?

Cone Crusher Common Malfunction

1. Get stuck

Crush machine appears to get stuck is often due to some sudden malfunction. And it will affect the normal production seriously, also reduce the service life of equipment and parts. The three main phenomena of cone breaking and sticking are as follows:

1.1 Jam up

Too much feed or the material unqualified may cause the stone crusher machine jam up. The machine works electricity too large lead to circuit automatic protection and stops the machine. Much more serious may turn up the machine halt because of jam up. And when there is iron ore or other unbreakable material in the cone crushing chamber, it also will cause jam up even get stuck.

1.2 Shaft break

One of the main reasons for the shaft break is the improper use of the cone crusher. For example, in order to achieve the required fineness of the discharge, and constantly tightening the discharge gate. Then the unbreakable material enters the crushing cavity. It has a cool impact on the shaft thus causes the cone to break the main shaft to break to jam.

On the other hand, when the crushing machine in an overload state for a long time, the main shaft is easy to break and cause the equipment to jam. It can not completely avoid the damage of the crusher plant even though has an overload protection device.

1.3 the movable and the adjusting sleeve get stuck

When the stone crusher with load operation, due to the loss of pressure in the hydraulic station locking failure, the adjustment setting will follow the cone rotation. It will cause the phenomenon of adjustment set stuck if the operator is not found in time, processing. Thereby, leading to the stone crusher machine shutdown.

It is also possible that you get stuck because of poor thread lubrication; The Seal ring of adjustment cap and dust cover are abrasions; The screw thread and support package is a bruise or long-time overwork of the cone.

2. The lining plate is worn

The lining plate is not only an important part of the crusher machine but also the main wear-resisting part. How to reduce liner wear is a problem that many users are very concerned about.

2.1 Reduce the looseness of the lining plate

The looseness of the lining plate Board will cause the relative movement between the lining plate Board and the conical body, which will aggravate the wear. Therefore, a soft metal gasket can be placed between the liner plate and the cone body, and the metal gasket can be fastened by bolts to ensure equality. It will reduce the lining plate break off and wear.

2.2 Improve the stress state of the lining plate

In order to make the stress of the lining plate board uniform, plastic precipitation is often used between the lining plate board and the cone, such as lead board, Aluminum Board, zinc alloy board, low carbon steel board or pouring cement mortar, to ensure the close combination of the lining plate board and the cone.

2.3 Control feed size

It must attention that the feed should be meet the crushing requirements during cone crushing. It is strictly forbidden to enter the crushing chamber with excessive hardness, excessive moisture or other non-crushing materials. Otherwise, it will cause the machine jam up and seriously wear of the lining plate or other malfunction.

2.4 Even feeding

It will cause ore directly with the lining plate friction impact if feed adjustment is not timely. The lining plate aggravates wear. Therefore, the ore must be guaranteed to enter the crushing chamber evenly and continuously.

2.5 Do not overload the equipment

If the cone crushers long-term overload work will cause the lining plate to be in the overload condition for a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid long-time overload to reduce the surface stress of the liner. Choose appropriate fit clearance to reduce the fatigue wear of the liner.

2.6 to prevent the equipment from overheating

If the cone crusher temperature is higher, easy to make the lining plate in the impact of materials, grinding plastic deformation. Therefore, the lubrication of the equipment should be well done to reduce the phenomenon of excessive temperature rise of the equipment and reduce the plastic deformation.

jxsc gp cone crusher

3. Oil Spills

Oil Spills will directly affect the lubrication of equipment. The equipment failure due to poor lubrication, so the oil Spills should be reduced in production.

3.1 Make sure the equipment is well sealed

The quality of the Seal Structure Design is related to the sealing effect and the life of the seal ring. The sealing effect of the 0-shaped seal ring depends on the correctness of the size of the mounting groove. It is not sealing function if the mounting groove too deep and the compression quantity is not enough. So it should be designed and processed reasonably to ensure the sealing of the sealing device.

Install the sealing ring correctly to ensure the equipment is well sealed. Do not use a tool with edges and corners to install the seal ring to prevent scratching it and avoid stretching it to a permanently deformed position. The sealing ring can be properly lubricated for installation.

3.2 Inspection in Production

Regularly check whether the filter is blocked or damaged. The replacement of the kinked oil discharge line, to ensure the smooth return line. At the same time, it should be paid to cleaning the ventilation cover on the side of the transmission shaft frame broken by the cone, blowing the long core hole of the ventilation cover on the transmission shaft frame with the Compressed air.

Check whether the clearance between the inner wall of the oil tank of the main engine base and the oil retaining ring on the counterweight block is reasonable. To prevent the oil seal from being spilled on each other, thus leading to the oil leakage of the cone.

4. Seal failure

During the rock crushers working will come into being dust, so it is necessary to equip with corresponding sealing devices in general. The causes of seal failure are as follows:

4.1 Seal damage

4.1.1 The seal is badly worn

If the gap between the parts of the cone becomes smaller, the seal will be squeezed and deformed and suffer serious wear; Or when replacing some worn parts, due to the difference between the replacement cycle of the seal and the wear cycle of the friction parts, the new and old degrees of the two are different The sealing pressure of the rubber seal ring is increased, and the local deformation causes the damage of the seal.

4.1.2 Seal aging

The influence of soil quality, temperature and time on the rubber seal in use, and not choose the right materials is easy to appear the aging. which makes the seal ring lose its elasticity and change the Seal State Which caused the equipment seal to fail.

4.2 seal deformation

4.2.1 Forced deformation

When the cone crushing wall and then rolled mortar wall crushing the ore, the strong crushing force makes the body incline or vibrate. The seal easily deviates from the original movement track and deforms, causes the original seal state to change, causes the equipment seal failure.

4.2.2 Improper installation

When the GP cone crusher installed, repaired and replaced. The seal is deformed locally due to incorrect installation, which leads to the failure of the seal of the equipment.

4.2.3 Poor Lubrication

Friction parts easy to metal particles and ore dust mixed. There is long-term work in the high-temperature environment. The deterioration of lubricating oil, poor liquidity, seals local resistance increased and lead to deformation.

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