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Crushed stone plant is an industry which the world increasingly needs. Because the use industries of crushed stone more and more, such as construction, railways, roads and so on. And natural resources are limited. Thus, the wise man thought of using other stone materials to make the required size of gravel. Stone materials such as mountain stones, rocks, limestone, ore tailings, concrete construction waste, etc. Quarry crushing plant also sub-production of construction stone and construction sand.

500tph crushed stone plant

What Crushed Stone

Crushed stone is a form of aggregate, which make of natural rocks or pebbles by crushing & screening machine. It usually has a more rounded and regular shape because it is through the crushing process of the product. Different from the gravel produced by natural weathering and erosion.  It can control the size of the crushed stone. Generally according to the user needs can be divided into 4 specifications: 0-5 mm, 10-15 mm, 16-31.5 mm, 10-20 mm.

crushed stone types

Use of crushed stone

1. Construction Industry. Use for paving blocks and concrete of pavements, driveways, terraces, houses, office buildings and pavers. It is used as a foundation or sub-foundation materials or in cement production.
2. Mixed with a binder to form asphalt and tarmac, used for things such as driveway fillers and extenders.
3. Sometimes it is used with adhesive material on the walls for shoreline and railway construction. And it is used in a variety of shoreline structures to prevent water or ice erosion, which is called erosion. It is also used for other erosion control work.
4. Beautify the environment, decoration.5. For Septic tank systems, self-contained wastewater treatment systems.
6. Used to treat other toxic substances in mines and acid water, such as a sulfur oxide or coal dust.
7. It is used in the manufacture of agricultural lime and in the treatment of soil to reduce acidity.
8. Used as gravel and mineral food for poultry. All types of poultry need this mineral for proper digestion.
9. In blast furnace as flux To produce liquid slag. The becomes crushed stone after cooling and is used as building aggregate.

Required Equipment of Quarry

Invest a crushed stone plant, except to get a production license, the most important thing is the machinery required for the whole process. Whether it is high or low output, the following equipment is indispensable.

1. Primary crushing equipment: Jaw Crusher

A must-have device in a much-crushed stone plant is the jaw crusher machine. Because the crusher equipment is used for the primary processing of crushed stone raw materials. Jaw crusher can crush 600-1200mm block stone, small size, small footprint. AndThe static and static jaw plate of the equipment has strong wear resistance, more stable operation. So it is a lot of stone crusher plant and sand plant to buy the main equipment.

2. Fine crushing equipment: Impact Crusher

Impact crusher is a piece of secondary crushing equipment is cost-effective. The impact crusher has a high crushing capacity, and through the keyless connection between the impact plate and the hammer, it increased the length of the impact plate and the material throughput. So the equipment production capacity is increased within the unit volume.

3. Screening equipment: Vibrating Screen

Vibrating screen is used for screening and separating different sizes of crushed stone. The equipment has two, three, four and multi-layer specifications. The size of crushed stone products sieved from each layer is different, which makes it easy to distinguish unqualified sand finished product and improves the quality of finished products. So screening equipment is also the quarry plant’s indispensable equipment.

4. Convey equipment: Conveyor Belt

Jaw crusher, impact crusher and vibrating screen all operate independently. But in the crushing plant, it needs work in pairs. Then the conveyor belt act as a link between the two pieces of equipment which form a complete broken line. For example, the crushed stone after primary crusher through the conveyor belt transport to the secondary crusher.

5. Feeding Equipment: vibrating feeder

When the stone is put into the crusher, it needs continuous and uniform. The vibration feeder will play this role. It prevents the crusher from clogging the feed mouth due to the problem of throwing stones.

Investing a quarry plant price depends on the needs of the user. If the production requirements are not large, the input equipment type is also relatively small, then the cost of input is not high. If the demand for high-volume users, the greater the size of the equipment, the greater the capacity, the corresponding input costs are higher.


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