Customized Weathered Stone Sand Making Plant

There are many types of raw materials available for sandmaking. Due to the different properties of various raw materials, the quality of finished sand varies. So, as one of the natural mineral resources, can the weathered stone be used to make sand?

Can weathered stone make sand?

Natural stone undergoes wind and sun exposure, gradually becoming soft and forming weathered stone. Therefore, the hardness of weathered stone is not high, and the Mohs hardness is generally between 2-5. Under special formation conditions, it can reach about 7. As natural sand and stone, weathered stone has extremely high application value. It can be processed into machine-made sand by sand-making machines and used as building aggregates. It can be processed into building sand if the finished weathered sand has strong water resistance. For example, weathered sand also solidifies quickly and can be used as transparent or semi-permeable material, and so on.


The weathered stone sand making process 

The weathering stone is a raw material for machine-made sand with wide applications. What is the process of weathered stone sand-making?

First of all, process the weathered stone into mechanism sand. Mechanism sand includes coarse sand, medium sand, and fine sand. Different degrees of gravel fitness require various processing equipment. The differences in the processing equipment here mainly refer to the various equipment models, but the process is the same. Crush large weathered stones into small pieces of material. The equipment used in this crushing process is mainly a jaw crusher+impact crusher. The material after the medium crushing enters fine crushing machine to ensure the excellent quality of the gravel.

Depending on the production environment, weathered stone production lines include two types: fixed and mobile sand-making plants.

  1. Fixed sand production line

  • When processing with large weathered stones, The jaw crusher is for primary coarse crushing, and an impact crusher is for second fine crushing.
  • The jaw crusher has a high crushing ratio and an overall production capacity of 1-2200t/h. In the process of weathered stones, the finished product from the impact crusher has a good particle shape and contains a grate inside. The grate will primary screen materials and improve the quality of weathered sand. The crushed stone from the impact crusher will enter a VSI sand-making machine. The sand-making machine uses sealed production combined with a central waterfall and surrounding feeding to reduce the overflow of sand dust and noise pollution.
  • The advantage of this fixed production process is that it is cheaper than the mobile type and reduces investment risk. The equipment is easy to install with a clear on-site situation.
sand making plant
sand making plant
  1. Mobile Crushing Plant

  • The mobile crushing plant is consistent with the fixed sand production line in the weathered stones processing process, and the equipment type used is the same as the fixed production line. The mobile crushing plant usually has mobile jaw crushers, impact crushers, and sand-making machines for joint operation.
  • The advantage of mobile production technology is that it does not require on-site foundation laying. We can choose two mobile types: track and wheel type, which can adapt to flat and rough roads.

The advantages of mobile crushing plant   

  • From a long-term investment perspective, the mobile crushing plant has fast cost recovery and saves material handling costs during production. This machine is intelligent operation, saving unnecessary manual labor and resources. In addition, there is no need for piling or building cement foundations, flexible transfer, remote control, and convenient moving. But the price is more expensive than a fixed sand-making plant.
  • From the introduction, we know that the weathered stone can make sand. There are stationary stone crushing plants and mobile production lines for making sand from weathered stone. We can choose corresponding equipment according to the budget and production environment during the process.

Does the weathered stone sand-making plant require sand washing?

The weathered stone sand-making plant is a process for producing sand. In this process,  equipment such as stone crushers, sand-making machines, and vibrating feeders will consist of a stone-crushing plant. The weathered stone sand production line is mainly related to production capacity demand, and the produced sand can be used in infrastructure construction. We know that in sand and gravel production, sometimes it is necessary to equip a sand washing machine. So, do we need to wash sand in the weathered stone sand production line?

  1. The purpose of washing sand is to remove impurities from the surface of sand and improve its quality. To better meet the sand needs of construction industries, it is also necessary to carry out sand-washing operations. The equipment is the sand washing machine. For now, the sand washing machines include bucket wheels and spiral sand washing machines in the market. However, considering production needs, we can use bucket wheel sand washing machines in the weathered stone machine sand-making plant.
  2. Because the wheel bucket sand washing machine has a high cleaning ratio and less sand loss during the sand washing process. Especially since its transmission part is isolated from water and sand. So the frequency of malfunctions during the sand washing process is relatively low. The sandwashing process is stable, reliable, and water-saving, etc.
  3. In summary, the weathered stone sand-making plant requires sand washing to improve the quality of weathered sand and better meet the sand needs of industries such as construction and others.

Different input material sizes, processing capacities, and final product sizes require various stone-crushing machines. The price of the stone crusher will determined by the manufacturer’s type, machine model, manufacturing process capacity, etc. We can provide various mining equipment like stone crushers, etc. Welcome to consult JXSC‘s professional engineers to get the quotation based on your requirements. We will design a sand-making and crushing production line flow chart for you.

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