Complete Sand Making Production Line Equipment

The sand-making production line adopts specialized crushing equipment and sand-making machines to crush different types of stones. The machine crushes the stones into high-grade sand and gravel aggregates for building, highway, and infrastructure construction. The sand and gravel production line is composed of a combination of multiple equipment.

Sand Making Production Line Process

To know what equipment is for a complete sand-making production line. First, we need to understand the process flow of the sand-making production line.

  • Generally speaking, the material enters the vibrating feeder and passes through a jaw crusher for initial crushing.
  • Then it enters crushing equipment like a cone crusher for secondary crushing.
  • The belt conveyor transports the produced coarse material to the sand-making machine for fine crushing.
  • Part of it is made into sand, while the other part enters the sand-making machine again for further crushing or shaping.
  • If necessary, wash the sand before entering a vibrating screen to separate the required specifications of finished materials.

The materials applied in the sand production line generally include granite, basalt, limestone, pebbles, etc. The sand production process of each material is similar. The equipment includes feeding equipment (vibrating feeder) – coarse crushing equipment (jaw crusher) – fine crushing equipment (cone crusher or sand-making machine) – screening equipment (linear vibrating screen, circular vibrating screen) – sand washing machine – finished sand. All the machines will connected by the belt conveyor.


Sand Making Production Line Equipment

The sand and gravel making plant includes the crushing and sand sand-making process. The crushing production line is also known as the stone production line for producing construction stones. The sand sand-making production line is for producing mechanism sand. Mechanized sand has a much smaller particle size than stones. When processing raw materials of the same specification, the sand production line requires more equipment than the crushing production line. Below, we will introduce the complete set of sand and gravel production line equipment:

   1. Vibrating Feeder

Vibrating feeder is equipment for transporting materials uniformly and continuously to the feeding port of the crushing equipment. Commonly include vibrating feeder, pendulum feeder, trough feeder, etc.

   2. Primary crushing equipment

Generally, primary crushing equipment refers to jaw crushers with a feeding port of up to 1500mm and high crushing capacity. It is suitable for processing large stones.

   3. Secondary crushing equipment

After the primary crushing equipment process, the particle size reaches the range of the feeding port of the secondary crushing equipment. The secondary crushing equipment includes an impact crusher and a cone crusher. The former is suitable for processing medium hardness materials, while the latter is suitable for processing high hard materials.

   4. Third-stage crushing equipment

Third-stage stone crushers include sand-making machines, fine crushers, composite crushers, roller crushers, etc. The sand-making machine has a high production capacity. The sand-making machine and the roller crusher can handle high-hardness materials, while the double roller crusher is suitable for processing medium and hard materials.

   5. Screening machine

It is equipment for screening sand and gravel aggregates. Qualified products flow to the next crushing machine or the finished product pile. Unqualified products return to the crusher machine, forming a closed loop. The vibrating screening machines include linear vibrating screens, circular vibrating screens, etc.

   6. Sand washing machine

Sand washing machines are for cleaning sand, and improving the quality of sand and gravel. It will bring higher benefits to users. The sand washing machines include bucket-wheel sand washing machines, spiral sand washing machines, drum sand washing machines, etc.

   7. Conveyor belt

The conveyor belt runs through the entire production line and connects each link to transport sand and gravel aggregates. Commonly used are tape conveyors and belt conveyors.


8. Mobile crush plant

Traditional sand and gravel production line is fixed type. Based on the development of technology and market needs, mobile sand and gravel crushing plant becomes popular. Its main feature is the mobile frame. We can install vibrating feeders, stone crushers, and screening machines on the frame according to needs, breaking the limitations of time, space, and location. It moves freely as a production line.


Principles for configuring complete sand-making production lines

  1. The nature and requirements of materials

Before configuring the sand production line, it is necessary to clarify the properties of the materials to be processed, such as hardness, size, etc. Consider what kind of crusher and sand-making machine to configure based on the crushing materials, production, and requirements for finished product particle size. The selection of crushing and sand-making equipment should not only meet the production capacity but also consider the size of the feeding port to prevent materials from entering.

  1. Economic budget
  • The economic foundation determines the superstructure. When configuring sand production lines, it is necessary to choose different production lines based on one’s budget. Users should configure it according to their actual purchasing power.
  • Different customers have various requirements for the sand-making machine production line. Based on this, we will choose different models for processing. We suggest choosing a professional crusher manufacturer to provide you with a complete set of sand production line design, installation, maintenance, and other services, which will greatly improve production efficiency.

The advantage of JXSC lies in its reliable equipment quality, and professional engineers provide customized production line designs for free according to the actual needs of the customers. In addition, we can go to the working site to design production line flows based on site size, raw material conditions. The price of the stone crusher will determined by the manufacturer’s type, machine model, manufacturing process capacity, etc. We can provide various mining equipment like stone crushers, etc. Welcome to consult JXSC’s professional engineers to get the quotation based on your requirements. We will design a sand-making and crushing production line flow chart for you.

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