Waste Cement Blocks Crushing Equipment For Recycling

Waste cement blocks are a type of construction waste that will cause great harm to the environment if discarded indiscriminately. The recycling and utilization of cement waste bring economic benefits to industrial enterprises. Cement waste recycling will avoid waste, reduce raw material consumption, and lower production costs. So, are the crushed cement blocks suitable for paving the road? What are the cement block crushers available?

Application of crushed waste cement blocks

Waste cement blocks usually carry impurities such as slag and soil. After crushing and screening, it will get different size materials.

  • The 20-40mm coarse aggregates are suitable for paving roads and filling soft ground in highway and railway construction.
  • In addition, we will get waste cement blocks of 10-20mm aggregates after screening. It has wide application in building mixed stone materials, highway pavement base layers, or, like stones, crushed stones mixed with slag and concrete for aggregates.
  • The 1-5mm fine aggregates are the machine-sand. After adding environmentally friendly solid materials, we can make hollow, board, and environmentally friendly bricks, and concrete admixture.
  • The waste metal materials, like steel and steel bars in the waste cement blocks, can be recycled and processed into other products by returning them to the furnace. In short, the use of waste cement blocks is extensive.


Cement Block Crushing Equipment

The selection and configuration of crushing equipment are also significant for better utilization of waste cement blocks. The process of waste cement blocks is similar to the rock stone production line. The steps for handling waste cement blocks require coarse crushing, medium and fine crushing, and sand-making to complete the cement blocks sand-making process.

  1. Cement block coarse crushing equipment: jaw crusher

Generally, the jaw crusher is the primary crusher for crushing waste cement blocks. It utilizes the squeezing force between two jaw plates to crush the material. The jaw crusher has an iron removal device, which effectively prevents equipment wear and tear, even if the cement block contains impurities such as iron blocks.

Jaw crushers are the primary crushing processing equipment. The eccentric shaft is driven to rotate by the motor driving the pulley, causing the moving jaw to periodically approach and leave the stationary jaw, thereby causing multiple crushing of the material entering the crushing chamber, such as squeezing, rubbing, and grinding. The material to be crushed changes from a large particle size to a small particle size and gradually falls until the particle size meets the requirements and is discharged from the crusher.

  1. Fine crushing equipment in cement blocks: impact crusher

Generally, impact crushers or cone crushers is secondary crushing equipment for cement blocks, mainly used to crush cement blocks with higher hardness. The cone crusher has three chamber types, which can meet various production requirements medium crushing, fine crushing, and sand crushing.

The impact crusher is a relatively heavy-duty crushing machine that can process waste cement blocks into medium and fine particles. Finally, we will get aggregate applied in industries such as construction and highways.

  1. Cement block sanding equipment: Hammer crusher

The sand-making equipment for cement blocks includes VSI sand machines. By combining the principles of “stone hit stone” and “stone hit iron”, the sand product is excellent and is suitable for users with high requirements for the taste of cement block materials. Users who do not have too many requirements can skip the sand-making step.

The hammer crusher is a crusher that combines coarse and medium fine crushing functions. The hammer crusher investment in equipment selection is more cost-effective in the waste cement blocks process.

Waste Cement Blocks Crushing Equipment
Waste Cement Blocks Crushing Equipment
  1. Heavy Hammer crusher

It is one type of hammer crusher. The heavy hammer crusher is suitable for crushing cement bricks. It has various advantages in actual production.

  • It can crush and produce sand at one time, increasing the capacity by 30% and saving investment by about 40%.
  • It has the functions of crushing and shaping, with a uniform particle size of the finished product. The discharge particle size is adjustable.
  • This machine achieves intelligent remote operation, saving labor and material resources.

The heavy hammer crusher is the upgraded and improved version of the hammer crusher. It is suitable for various materials, including dolomite, bluestone, coal gangue, etc. When processing medium hardness materials with particle sizes under 1200mm, it complete the process, saving cost and time.

  1. Mobile Cement Block Crusher

The new mobile waste cement block crusher, also known as the mobile crushing station, is optimized and innovated based on traditional equipment. In operation, it saves time and effort in crushing and processing and makes it more environmentally friendly. The mobile waste cement block crusher has good mobility, it solves the problem of irregular equipment transfer and piling.

  • The mobile construction waste crusher is a good choice for processing scattered cement blocks, brick slag, bricks, and other construction waste raw materials. The mobile crusher adopts a vehicle-mounted walking system, which will not limited by the work site, flexible movement, and free transfer. It is perfect for crushing construction waste scattered in raw material piles.
  • A diversified combination of machine models allows customers to choose different stone crushers according to their needs. The machines can crush construction waste of various shapes and sizes into sand and gravel aggregates for reuse. And the working site has less pollution and low noise.

The price of the stone crusher will determined by the manufacturer’s type, machine model, manufacturing process capacity, etc. We can provide various mining equipment like stone crushers, etc. Welcome to consult JXSC‘s professional engineers to get the quotation based on your requirements. We will design a sand-making and crushing production line flow chart for you.

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