How To Reduce The Stone Crusher Operating Cost?

With the technology development, mining machine manufacturers are constantly improving the performance and expanding the application range of stone crushers. The jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, and mobile crusher are suitable for crushing various stones. They have high output, a good crushing effect, and long service life for vulnerable parts. The sand and gravel factory can select a reasonable type of crusher based on actual production needs.



  • The stone crusher is suitable for crushing and shaping soft, medium-hard, and hard materials. It has wide applications in various ores, cement, refractory materials, alumina clinker, diamond, glass, sand, stone, and various metallurgical slag industries. It is especially suitable for hard and wear-resistant materials such as silicon carbide, alluvial diamond, and sintered alumina. The production efficiency is higher than other types of crushers.
  • It is an ideal production equipment for mechanism sand, cushion material, asphalt concrete, and cement concrete aggregates.
  • In the mining industry, it is widely used in the pre-grinding process. The stone crusher machine can generate an amount of fine ore and reduce the high-cost grinding load.
  • The vertical shaft impact crusher has excellent low-wear characteristics. It is suitable for high abrasion resistance and secondary disintegration crushing production. In addition, due to its zero pollution to the product, the impact crusher is well suited for glass quartz sand and other high-purity materials production. The impact crusher reaches a production capacity of 10-500t/h.
Stone crusher
Stone crusher

The Factors Affect The Price Of Stone Crusher

The application of stone crusher equipment is also extensive. It requires costs in mining production line’s investment, and the costs for stone crushers account for a big portion. So, how much does the stone crusher equipment cost? The prices of stone crusher equipment vary, from high to low, with different manufacturer models and techniques. Because many factors affect the price, here are the factors below.

  1. The output particle size

The performance and output of each stone crusher equipment are different, so its price is also different. Generally speaking, the higher the output, the higher the price. User should decide whether to purchase the machine based on their output requirements.

  1. Applicability 

The stone crusher equipment can crush wet stones, ores, and rocks. If this stone crusher can only crush a few materials, its price will not be too high, maybe cheap. It means the larger its crushing range, the higher its price. It is a vital factor.

  1. Technologies 

The technology applied to a stone crusher determines the approximate cost of the machine. Like the crushing principle, installation system, and configuration level. If we knew this information, then we would get the budget estimate for the stone crusher equipment cost.

  1. The maximum feed particle size

The feed particle size indicates the processing range of the stone crusher equipment. The larger the feed particle size, the greater the processing capacity. And of course, the more expensive the price. So it is essential to know the maximum feed particle size of the stone crusher equipment in advance.


How to reduce the stone crusher operating cost?

The working environment of a stone crusher has a significant impact on its lifespan. If the machine wears and replaces the vulnerable parts frequently, it will cost very much. So, how can we reduce the operating costs of a stone crusher?

  1. Firstly.We should pay attention to the selection of parts. Working in a harsh working environment for a long time can accelerate the wear rate of machine parts. Therefore, users must choose high-quality and wear-resistant parts when replacing new parts. It can reduce the frequency of parts replacement and lower the future costs of the machine.
  2. Secondly. The recycling and utilization of components. The hammer of the hammer crusher for crushing stones. Because in actual work, the pressure on the hammer is not uniform, resulting in different degrees of wear on both ends of the crusher. If one end of the hammer has significant wear, we can change the other end. At the same time, adjust the stress of the rotor bearings of the device regularly to reduce the loss of the rotor bearings.
  3. Thirdly, Operators should pay attention to the regular maintenance of stone crushers to improve their lifespan. Therefore, we should regularly check the wear and tear of equipment parts, bearings lubrication, and tighten fasteners during work. Once problems arise, solve them immediately.
  4. Fourthly, it is necessary to operate the equipment correctly. If not following the operating procedures, there might occur errors. It will lead to the inability to take measures in time, increasing equipment expense, and even accelerating equipment wear and tear. Therefore, operators should establish a correct work concept and strengthen daily supervision.
  5. Furthermore, there will be significant vibrations during the operation of the stone crusher. It may cause wear of the screws to slip and the holes of the screws over a long period. After these holes are worn out, in addition to repairing them, we can weld the screw or replace them by increasing the diameter of the screws.

The price of the stone crusher will determined by the machine model, manufacturing process capacity, etc. We can provide various mining equipment like stone crushers, etc. Welcome to consult JXSC‘s professional engineers to get the quotation based on your requirements. We will design a sand-making and crushing production line flow chart for you.

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