Bentonite Processing Plant And Grinding Machine

Bentonite is a water-based clay mineral that mainly consists of montmorillonite. Bentonite is famous as the “universal” clay for its excellent physical and chemical properties. It is suitable for producing binders, suspension agents, thixotropic agents, stabilizers, purification and decolorization agents, fillers, feed, catalysts, etc. It has wide applications in metallurgy, petroleum, casting, food, chemical, environmental protection, and other industrial areas.


Bentonite Processing Plant

It is important to choose the right equipment in a bentonite processing plant investment . A reasonable combination of production lines is beneficial for creating high returns. The Mohs hardness of bentonite being 1-2, which belongs to a relatively soft non-metallic mineral. Currently, the main components of bentonite processing plant include jaw crushers, Raymond mill, and other auxiliary equipment such as bucket elevators, electromagnetic vibration feeders, powder selectors, dust collectors, blowers, and distribution cabinets.

processing steps

  • Large blocks of bentonite enter the primary crushing machine (Jaw crusher) through a vibrating feeder in the material bin for coarse crushing.
  • The coarse bentonite enters the second crushing machine (impact crusher) through a belt conveyor for fine crushing.
  • The finely crushed bentonite enters the vibrating screen through a belt conveyor and screens out several different sizes of bentonite.
  • Bentonite that meets the particle size requirements goes to the final material pile by the final belt conveyor. Material doesn’t meet requirement returns to the impact crusher for further crushing. It forms a closed circuit with multiple cycles.
  • According to user needs to grade the particle size of the final product. This machine will equip auxiliary bentonite processing and dust removal equipment to protect the environment.


Bentonite Grinding Machine

It is a type of Raymond grinding machine, mainly developed and produced for the physical properties of bentonite. According to user needs, the grinding mill can be equipped with stone crushers, elevators, electromagnetic vibration feeders, electric control motors, etc.

bentonite grinding machine
bentonite grinding machine
  1. Equipment composition of bentonite grinding machine:

The complete set of bentonite grinding machines includes a hammer crusher, bucket elevator, storage bin, vibrating feeder, grinding machine host, variable frequency classifier, dual cyclone dust collector, pulse dust removal system, high-pressure fan, air compressor, and electrical control system.

  1. Working principle of bentonite grinding machine:

  • After the machine start working, the motor drives the spindle and turntable to rotate through a reducer. The roller pins at the edge of the turntable drive dozens of grinding rollers to roll in the grinding ring raceway.
  • The raw bentonite enters the hammer crusher. The crushed material goes to the storage bin through a hoist. After passing through a vibrating feeder and an inclined feeding pipe, the bentonite particles go to the upper part of the rotary table’s loose material tray.
  • Bentonite particles scatter towards the periphery of the circle under the action of centrifugal force and fall into the rolling path of the grinding ring. They are impacted, rolled, and ground by the ring roller, and processed into bentonite powder through three layers of ring path. The high-pressure fan sucks external air into the machine through suction and brings the crushed bentonite powder into the powder machine.
  • The rotating impeller inside the powder selection machine causes the coarse bentonite powder to fall back and regrind. The fine powder that meets the requirements enters the cyclone dust collector with the airflow. It discharges at the bottom to form the final ultrafine bentonite powder.
  1. Performance characteristics of bentonite grinding machine

  • High efficiency

If the fineness of the final bentonite powder and the power of the electric motor of the grinding mill are the same, the output of the ultrafine bentonite grinder is twice that of the airflow mill, stirring mill, and ball mill.

  • The long service life of vulnerable parts

The grinding roller and ring are forged with unique materials to improve their durability. The service life of bentonite ultrafine grinding machines wear parts reaches one year.

  • High safety and reliability

There are no rolling bearings and screws in the grinding chamber, so it doesn’t exist problems of damage to bearings and seals and the grinding machine.

  • High product fineness

The fineness of the finished bentonite powder processed by this grinding machine is super fine.

  • Low environmental pollution

Pulse dust collectors and silencers in the milling machine reduces dust and noise pollution in the surrounding environment.

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