Types and Advantages of Small Mobile Crushers

A small mobile stone crusher is very suitable for small and medium-sized stone crushing and processing. Traditional sand production lines require initial preparation investment, laying a foundation, and transport materials back and forth. The operating cost is not cost-effective. Unlike stationary sand production lines, mobile stone crushers operate in a mobile mode. It is free to move to the location of raw materials anytime and anywhere, starting operations immediately, making it convenient and fast. In recent years, the mechanism sand market has been prosperous, and the demand for stone sand production has been steadily increasing, driving the development of the sand and gravel industry. Investing in small and medium-sized sand and gravel factories with small stone crushers will make you recover the cost.


Types of small mobile stone crushers


  1. Small mobile hammer crusher

The small hammer crusher is the PC series of hammer crushers. It mainly relies on the rotor to drive the hammer head to crush materials. The stone products from the hammer crusher have good particle shapes and uniform particle sizes. The production capacity of small hammers is around 3-55 tons per hour. The specific production capacity depends on equipment model selection and feed properties. It is suitable for small and medium-sized sand and gravel plants.

Instructions for use
  1. Before starting the equipment. Carefully check the spindle, traditional device, lubricating oil level, ammeter, voltmeter, bolt tightness, etc. Check if there are any faults. If there are any problems, repair the machine immediately to ensure each component is good before starting the small hammer crusher in order.
  2. During equipment operation. If a small hammer crusher suddenly shuts down during operation, it is prohibited to forcibly restart the machine without understanding the cause of the shutdown.
  3. After the equipment shut down. It is necessary to regularly perform maintenance and upkeep on the hammerhead, and lining plate. Replace or repair vulnerable parts.
Mobile hammer crusher
Mobile hammer crusher
  1. Double stage crusher

The double-stage crusher does not have a grate bar design, so there is no excessive requirement for the moisture content of the feeding material, which makes it less prone to the problem of clogging the sieve plate. Its operating principle is the same as that of a small hammer crusher, which also adopts the principle of impact crushing. The difference is the two-stage crusher has a double rotor with a big crushing capacity and an hourly output of 10-180 tons. The two-stage crusher is a crushing equipment suitable for stone factories with high production requirements.

Advantages of Double Stage Crusher

1) The two-stage crusher is suitable for crushing shale, coal slag, furnace slag, limestone, dolomite, kaolin, gypsum, coal, coal gangue, etc. It has wide applications in the construction industry and brick factories.

2) It is not clogged when processing high-humidity materials. The high moisture content of the materials may easily clump and block the discharge port during crushing.

3) The service life is very long, and the part of the equipment prone to wear and tear during the crushing process is the hammerhead. The hammer head of the two-stage crusher adopts a design that separates the hammer head and the hammer handle. Changing the hammer head does not require changing the hammer handle, saving materials.

  1. Small mobile small jaw crusher

The jaw crusher is a primary crushing equipment. The V-shaped crushing chamber, combined with a flywheel design and extrusion operation principle, makes the operation process more stable. Moreover, there are many types of jaw crushes with varying production capacities. Small and medium-sized stone factories or owners with limited resources may choose smaller models of jaw crushes.

  1. Eliminating infrastructure construction and allowing for quick entry into working mode. It adopts a tracked or tire-mounted frame without the need for pile driving, saving time and money, and allowing for quick operation when pulled to one location.
  2. Compact body, small footprint, and flexible operation: The conveyor belt and vibrating screen carried on the equipment can be “shrunk” into the body, saving space.
  3. There are multiple models for flexible combinations.


Small mobile crusher(Movable crushing production lines)

A mobile crusher is a crusher that can move and operate anytime and anywhere, breaking the limitations of traditional production lines. With a mobile crushing mode, it transforms into a mobile crushing production line, making crushing more convenient.

  1. It has a good structure and reliable performance.

The whole machine adopts a folding structure, and a single machine forms its production line. It can independently complete feeding, crushing, screening, and transportation. This machine adopts a steel frame structure and streamlined lines. It maintains stable operation and achieves fast forward movement, ensuring driving speed and fast conversion from different sites.

        2. Strong mobility and good flexibility.

There are two types of small mobile stone crushers: track and wheel type. It has good mobility and can flexibly shuttle between different sites. After completing the operation, it goes to another working site without delaying the following operation process.

          3. It comes with a built-in motor, making it more powerful.

Switch the power sources with one button and operate in environments with low or no electricity. The adaptability to the environment is very strong.


The mobile crusher has a variety of configurations, which can operate alone or in combination. We provide the working parameters of different models. The 30 tons per hour capacity is not a problem for mobile crushers. In addition to these existing models, we accept customization for more models to meet the crushing requirements of different scales. The price of the stone crusher will determined by the manufacturer’s type, machine model, manufacturing process capacity, etc. We can provide various mining equipment like stone crushers, etc. Welcome to consult JXSC‘s professional engineers to get the quotation based on your requirements. We will design a sand-making and crushing production line flow chart for you.

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