Diesel Engine Stone Crusher

Why diesel engine stone crusher? The quarries are remote and the power supply is not ideal. The power went out suddenly in the rock crusher plant. The aggregate plant low power. What if the motor crusher equipment doesn’t work properly? Diesel rock crusher can help you to solve these problems which ensure the gravel production. In addition to the inconvenience of using electricity, it is also cheaper to use diesel. Industrial electricity use is cumbersome and costly.

diesel engine stone crushers

What diesel engine rock crusher

Stone crushers divide into motor and diesel. Motor rock crusher is the use of an electric motor to provide power to drive the machine operation. Diesel engine rock crusher is the use of diesel engine driven to the operation of the machine, thus crushing stone. In fact, that is in the crusher plus a diesel engine that becomes a motor/diesel dual-purpose crusher. Therefore, all the crushers can be made diesel-powered, such as diesel jaw crusher, diesel impact crusher, diesel hammer crusher, and mobile diesel crusher.

Advantages of diesel crusher

1. Use is unrestricted. In the mountains where the conditions are not good, you can use it without electricity.
2. In some places, the power is unstable, often power cut. The use of diesel engines can ensure the normal operation of the gravel production line.
3. Mobility strong. Where need where skim. It doesn’t take a lot of time and money to get the wires ready.

Diesel engine stone crusher price

diesel engine jaw stone crushers

How much the diesel engine rock crusher? The crusher machine price of JXSC is discounted, and every series of stone crushers are good for crushing aggregate, durable, fewer troubles. If you want to buy one diesel crusher machine, tell us the crushed material and crushing effect. Our engineers will recommend the most suitable machine for you. Contact us to get price.


A diesel engine is an engine that burns diesel fuel for energy release. It was invented by the German inventor Rudolf Diesel in 1892, whose last name is Diesel. and the machine is called the diesel engine. The advantage of the diesel engine is large torque, good economic performance. The disadvantage is a large vibration and noise.

Diesel maintenance

If we want to extend the service life of the diesel engine, we should strengthen the maintenance of the air filter, the lubricating oil filter and the fuel filter during use.

Don’t short shipped, reverse or dismount the sealing gasket and rubber connecting pipe during installation. And ensure the tightness of each insert. Clean the air filter after working for a period of time and replace it if found damaged.

If the lubricating oil filter is not maintained in time, it will cause the filter core to be blocked, the lubricating oil pressure to increase, the safety valve to open. The lubricating oil will flow directly into the main oil channel, and aggravate the lubricating surface wear. All these will affect the service life of the diesel engine.

All Fuel filter in the fuel supply system should be removed or replaced once for every 100-200 hours of operation. And the fuel tank and the oil pipeline for a comprehensive cleaning.

The diesel engine changes season to use, it still should clean crankcase and each lubrication surface. The method is to use a mixture of lubricating oil, kerosene and diesel oil as a washing oil. After the lubricating oil is released, add the washing oil to clean. Then, the diesel engine runs at a low speed for 3-5 minutes. At last put all the washing oil, add new lubricating oil.

What if the diesel smoking

Diesel engine as a starting system of equipment in the course of operation will be a plume of black smoke. It not only causes the operator’s surrounding environment foul atmosphere, moreover harm the environment seriously. So to solve the diesel engine smoke problem is not only the operator is upset about the matter is also the problem of the industry.

How to solve the smoking problem. First of all, we can be sure that the main cause of diesel engine smoke is due to incomplete fuel conversion. In addition to the structural design of the equipment itself, there may be some details that the operator did not notice. The main solutions are as follows:

1. The fuel tank not sealed
Prolonged exposure to air causes suspended impurities and dust in the air to fall into the air filter and cause the air intake to become blocked. The internal combustion provides insufficient air which resulting in incomplete combustion. Therefore, it is suggested that cleaning should be done frequently in a harsher environment. Replace the air filter regularly.

2. Poor fuel quality
The poor fuel quality will result to the fuel pipe plug in the tank, the insufficient fuel supply. The best solution is to replace the solenoid valve. Poor fuel quality can also cause fuel filter damage. The inner oil goes bad cause smoking. In severe cases, it can damage the fuel system. If the fuel filter is found to be substandard, it must be replaced in a timely manner.

3. pipeline problems
Due to the poor quality of the oil and cause some impurities attached to the surface of the pipeline. So clean the fuel line regularly. And Adding diesel additives twice can effectively improve the situation of smoke emission.

What if the diesel oil leak

1. Nozzle oil return

The nozzle is a precision part. If the diesel engine using dirty diesel or machinery use for a long time, it will be because of the nozzle wear and oil. Because of the high cost of replacing the nozzle. To avoid leakage, we can use the return line to draw the oil back to the tank or to the diesel filter. If the return line is damaged, a plastic pipe can be used to introduce the oil into a self-contained container, filtered and then returned to the tank.

2. pipeline oil leak

The gasket of the hollow screw of the oil pipeline is uneven. The gasket can be removed, and then ground on the pad. If the problem can not be solved, you can replace the new gasket, or with a thick soft plastic material cut into the gasket replacement. Metal oil pipeline rupture oil leak, the rupture can be used brazed well. In addition, in order to prevent pipeline rupture, in the installation of the oil pipeline, the bending should be appropriate, do not hard to pull the installation. The pipe body doesn’t contact the fuselage which avoids wearing.

3. valve cover leaking oil

When the valve cover installing, if the fastening force is too large, it will easily cause its deformation and oil leakage. At this point, the oil leakage valve chamber cover can be removed, and with a wooden rod carefully beat shaping. So that its contact surface to restore flat. After that, place the gasket on it and install it.

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