Types of Mining Feeders

There are many types of mining feeders, such as vibrating feeder, electromagnetic vibratory feeder, bar feeder, belt feeder, apron feeder, screw feeder, trough feeder, pendulum feeder, disk feeder, etc. Do you know what difference between them?

Mining feeders

Vibrating feeder

Vibrating Feeder china

The vibratory feeder can uniformly, regularly and continuously feed the massive and granular materials from the silo to the receiving device. In a stone crusher plant, it can continuously and uniformly feed the materials for the crushing machine, and screening the materials. Vibrating feeder is widely used in industries of crushing and screening of metallurgy, coal mine, mineral processing, building materials, chemical industry, abrasive, etc.


Electromagnetic vibratory feeder

electromagnetic vibrating feeders

The electromagnetic vibrating mining feeder is a new type of quantitative feeding equipment, which can meet the requirements of continuous production. It is widely used in the production links of ore, metallurgy, coal, building materials, light industry, chemical industry, electric power, mechanical grain, medicine and so on. The feeding machine is used for quantitatively, uniformly and continuously feeding bulk, granular and powder materials from a silo or hopper into a material receiving device.

As a belt conveyor, bucket elevator, screening equipment cement mill, crusher, grinder and various industrial departments of viscous granular powder feeding device. Automatic batching, quantitative packaging, etc. And through the process which can be used for automatic control, the production process realizes automation.

Bar Feeder

bar feeders

The structure of the bar feeder is simple, which easy to use and maintain. Its excitation force is small, no wear-resistant parts. It is widely used in crushing and screening plants of mines, crushed stone fields, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, mineral processing, coal mines, and other industries.


Belt Feeder

belt feederThe belt feeder has the advantages of large feeding capacity, simple structure and suitable for various materials. But the shape size is bigger, the sealing property of feeding is bad, and the accuracy of feeding is not high. The conveyor belt easy to wear, and not suitable for large particle size, dust, hot materials.

Apron Feeder

apron feeders

Apron feeders can bear the impact of materials, which suitable for wear, bulk materials, and high-temperature material bulk density. But the feeder has a complex structure, itself weight, and low feeding accuracy. So it is not suitable for powdery materials.



Screw Feeder

screw feeders

Screw mining feeders are to use the spiral of rotating power to push the material in the conveyor movement feeding. The conveying trough is mostly tubular, with single and double pipes. Adjusting the feeding capacity through change the rotational speed of the screw. The precision of feeding quantity is high, and the sealing feeding can be realized. The shape and size of the spiral feeder are small, parts are worn seriously, easy to crush materials. The utility model is suitable for powder granular materials with small viscosity and grindability.

Trough Feeder

mining trough feeders

The trough feeder can be mounted on the ground or mounted on the discharge opening of the ore bin.

The width of the trough of the mine trough feeder is about 2-2.5 times the maximum grain size. The largest trough mining feeders can meet the size of less than 500 mm iron ore feed. The commonly used specification is 980 * 1240 trough feeder, its feeding size is 350-0mm, which suitable for 400 * 600 jaw crusher feeding equipment.

The bottom plate of the trough moves back and forth. Its jig frequency is 20-60 times/min, the stroke is 20-200 mm. The stroke can be adjusted by the eccentric wheel of the driving device. The eccentric distance is half of the stroke. It is suitable for viscous ores, and the eccentricity shall not be less than 30 mm.

Disk Feeder

disk feeders

Disc feeder is feeding equipment that suitable for powder ore which under 20mm.

The main function of a disk feeder is to feed material to other equipment, which allowing material to enter a device evenly. So that the next process can work normally, save labor, and protect the performance of equipment, extend the life of the entire production line equipment. Disc feeder is an indispensable accessory product of mineral processing equipment.

Pendulum Feeder

mining pendulum feeders

Pendulum feeder is often used as the feeder equipment of ball mill collecting mine belt conveyor. The mining pendulum feeders are suitable for mineral processing, coal preparation, chemical industry, and other departments. It sends granular materials from the storage tank through the hopper to various types of receiving the device. Pendulum feeder is not suitable for conveying dry powder or too large a size of materials. Otherwise, there will be dust pollution and outlet blockage.

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