3 Maintenance Points of Belt Conveyor

The belt conveyors and scraper conveyors are critical mining machinery equipment of the quarrying and mining. Belt conveyor maintenance can ensure its operation normal in the production line.

Belt Conveyor

Belt Conveyor Daily Maintenance

1. Preparation before starting up

It needs to do a good job before the start of the preparatory work when the belt conveyor starting up. The safe operating environment of the power transmission system should be strictly checked, and clean the surrounding environment to ensure that there is no clutter, whether the pipeline is tidy, and some protective devices of mechanical equipment whether in a normal protective state. The tightness of the belt should be strictly notified to prevent various failures at run time.

2. Strict observation during operation

When the belt conveyor operating, it should be issued the corresponding start-up signal before the start. It can not be activated until a confirmation response is received. After starting, the operator should also strictly observe the mechanical equipment issue a variety of sound signals after starting which ensures the smooth operation of the tape. If there is the offset of the tape position in the running process, it should be treated in time.

3. Preventive measures and notes

(1) The belt conveyor normally starts at no load and stops after the material is unloaded.

(2) The power supply must be turned off and locked when working on or repairing the belt.

(3) The operator shall stop and lock the machine when leaving the conveyor, and shall install a guard rail at the tail of the belt conveyor on the side.

(4) When the belt conveyor is used for cleaning coal, scrap or other work, it must be in contact with the head. And the belt switch should be turned off and locked. When the processing is complete, the power supply can be input.

(5) Don’t clean coal, detritus or other work while the belt operating.

(6) It should uniform feed the material to the belt conveyor. Not feed too much so that the hopper is filled with material overflow.

belt conveyor pinch points

7) The working place of the belt conveyor should be kept clean.

(8) Ensure that the motor, hydraulic coupling, and reducer have good heat dissipation conditions.

(9) Check the working status of the cleaning equipment. After cleaning, the surface of the conveyor belt and the driving roller should not adhere to sundries.

(10) When loading, ensure that the material is placed in the middle of the conveyor belt, and can not be directly installed in a larger height. So as to avoid large material crushing conveyor belt.

(11) During operation, it should take care to avoid frequent startup of the device.

(12) Pay attention to whether the hydraulic linkage shaft is leaking oil before operating. Once you find the oil leakage, it should be handled in time. The oil quantity should be checked regularly, and the oil quantity should be replenished in time.

(13) Often check the tension of the body wire rope. If there is slack, please tighten immediately. After tightening the rope, we should pay attention to check the conveyor with no deviation.

(14) Inspected the drum regularly, the grease ring shall be filled with grease.

(15) If the conveyor belt does not slide along the driving roller, the belt should be tightened immediately.

(16) Any deviation of the conveyor belt found should be corrected immediately and the edge of the belt should not appear.

(17) Check the belt joints which should be timely repair or replacement maintenance. The rope card on the wedge should be tight.

(18) There shall be no long iron in the conveying material to avoid cutting the conveying belt when the conveying belt is disconnected.

Maintenance of scraper conveyor

Pre-use laying

Scraper conveyor before use must ensure that the scraper conveyor flat laying, joints of the smooth and tight, in the concave for the relevant pad, you can use wood, to ensure that the conveyor head and tail pressure column device complete.

LAP joint of working face and nose

In the face and scraper conveyor head overlap to take a reasonable way to maintain a height of more than 400 mm, to ensure that the bottom chain will not pull back material.

Inspection of spare parts and lubrication parts

(1) Ensure that the scraper conveyor scraper and screws are complete, in the pedestrian through the location of the bridge to ensure personal safety, in the conveyor to release, tighten the chain should be used to ensure the use of professional tight chain, to ensure the work of rigorous.

(2) In the process of management of scraper conveyor, the chain of the conveyor should also be checked and managed to ensure proper tightness of the chain, regular oiling should be carried out at the parts needing lubrication, and qualified grease should be used at the same time to make sure the chain is lubricated. When lubricating and oiling the Fluid coupling, the power off should be locked, and the fusible alloy protection plug should be strictly used. No other articles can be used instead.

scraper conveyors structure

Points to note in operation

(1) The operator of each scraper conveyor shall be a professional operator.
(2) In the running process, always pay attention to whether there is a heavy object in the scraper conveyor, and stop starting according to the signal.
(3) When the scraper conveyor is out of order and unable to operate, the machine should be stopped for checking, it is strictly forbidden to start or reverse, it must be checked closely to find out the cause of the malfunction, and the machine should be started after taking the corresponding measures.
(4) Points for attention when conveying materials by scraper conveyor: Voice Signals can be used to communicate with operators; materials should be flat and stable. when large materials are being transported, personnel must observe the transportation of materials along the way timely transmission of information or signal contact; bending materials and overweight, super-high materials do not use scraper conveyor transport.

8. Inspection and repair of scraper conveyor and transfer machine

(1) In the process of equipment maintenance, strictly in accordance with the relevant provisions of the “CoallMineeSafetyyRegulationss” standardized operation and maintenance to ensure the accuracy and safety of the entire maintenance process. In the conveyor maintenance and bracket, maintenance should be carried out in different locations to ensure the safety of the maintenance environment.

(2) The tightening and strangling work stops the adjusting chain running to about 3 meters from the nose, fastens the chain wedges to a fourth frame, reverses the conveyor belt, and a person approaches the brake, waiting for it to reach the correct position Tighten the brake and tighten the chain brake, so that the conveyor back to the forward position, slightly move the conveyor, remove the chain brake, and then test run. Should strictly follow the chain and chain order, personnel must avoid the direction of the chain. When tightening the chain, someone must hold the brake, do not release or operate the scraper conveyor.

(3) During the overhaul of the scraper conveyor, the scraper conveyor operator shall ensure the integrity and safety and reliability of the bracket at the side of the empty area of the conveyor’s nose, and strictly operate at a distance from the rear of the transfer conveyor to the inside To ensure the safety of the whole maintenance process, a special person is arranged at the nose and tail of the aircraft to take care of it.

(4) Scraper conveyor and conveyor’s head should be a reasonable lap joint, not to pull back the material.

(5) The transmission, the oil-filling part of the coupling and the exposed shaft of each equipment must be protected by iron. The protection device shall be intact and the tail of the machine shall be transferred. The rear of the face conveyor shall be provided with a guard iron and a bridge shall be provided from time to time.

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