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Mobile crusher: Tire type VS caterpillar type

There are two kinds of mobile stone crusher, one is tyre type mobile crusher, the other is track type. The design of a mobile crushing plant breaks the obstacle of the crushing field, condition, corollary equipment and transportation. this paper to make a comparison of the tire type and the caterpillar type mobile crusher.
mobile stone crusher

1 Similarities

  1. 1.1 Flexible operation
    Mobile crushers can drive to the mining site, not affected by site changes, thus quickly put into operation. besides, the mobile crusher suits for the narrow processing site due to its small machine body size. what’s more, it greatly saves the construction time of the foundation.
  2. 1.2 Integration working plant
    Mobile crusher integrates the material feeding, crushing, convey sector into one, greatly reduced the cost.
  3. 1.3 Flexible combination
    According to the production requirements,  flexible assemble processing parts like crushing, screening  For instance, “crushing process before screening”, “or screening before crushing process”, “coarse-fine crushing”, or “coarse – medium – fine crushing”.

wheel mobile crusher

2 Distinction

    • 2.1 Mobility capability
      In fact, a wheeled crusher cannot be completely called a mobile crusher, because it needs a semi-trailer head to draw to move. Therefore, it is not as good as the crawler-type mobile crushing machine.
    • 2.2 Applicable site
      Because the Tyre mobile crushing machine is driven by the vehicle, it is more suitable for crushing all kinds of sand and gravel materials in construction waste disposal, earthwork, urban infrastructure, road construction, construction and other industries. Crawler mobile crusher adopts the crawler-type fully rigid ship-type structure, high strength, low earthing ratio, good trafficability, good adaptability to mountains and wetlands, and even can realize climbing operation So more for some mining, open-pit coal mining and another poor operating environment.

track mobile crusher

  • 2.3 Efficiency
    Stability is the basis of the mobile crusher working, high capability stone crushers request mobile crushing plant up to a high stability degree. The reinforce of tyre type mobile crusher leg greatly increases the stability, thus improve the working efficiency. The stability of the tracked mobile crusher doesn’t perform well as the tyre type, which leads to its crushing capacity less than that of the tyre mobile crusher.
  • 2.4 Performance
    At present, the wheel mobile crusher is widely used in building construction, the finished aggregate product has a good shape, little powder.

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