Argentina 80TPH Ore Crushing & Grinding Plant

80TPH Ore Crushing & Grinding Plant Information

Ore Location: Argentina
Crushed Raw Material: quartz, mica, feldspar, aquamarine
Capacity: 80TPH
Feeding Size: 600mm
Output Size: 2.5-5mm

According to the information that customer offers, our stone crusher plant designed the 80tph ore crushing & grinding plant flow chart as follows.

80tph ore crushing & grinding plant flow chart

Ore crusher and grinder plant equipment list

  1. hopper: raw ore hopper and 2 crushed ore hopper
  2. vibrating feeder: 1 electromagnetic vibration feeder and 2 vibration feeder
  3. jaw crusher for primary crushing
  4. cone crusher for secondary crushing
  5. conveyor belt: 6
  6. vibrating screen: 2
  7. ball mill for grinding
  8. slurry pump

Ore Crushing & Grinding processing flow

The 600mm raw ores are fed into a stone crusher via a vibrating feeder. The hydraulic cone crusher crushes the primary crushed ore to 25mm size particle. Greater than 25mm crushed ores are transported to the cone stone crusher for cycle crushing. The smaller than 25mm size ore particles are fed into the ball mill for fine grinding to 5mm. The materials which >5mm are also transported into ore grinding mill again by a slurry pump. The 80tph ore crusher and grinder plant price is about $180,000.



Quartz is a mineral that turns into a liquid easily under heat or pressure. It is also a fairly common rock-forming mineral found in all three types of rocks. Because it crystallizes last in igneous rocks, it usually lacks a complete crystal plane and mostly fills with other first-crystallized rock-forming minerals.


Mica is a kind of rock-forming mineral that showing hexagonal flake crystal shape. It is one of the main rock-forming minerals. Mica Crystal has a layered structure inside, so it is flake crystal that mainly hexagonal flake crystal. The characteristics are insulation, high-temperature resistance. It is widely used in coatings, paint, electrical insulation and other industries.


Feldspar is the most important rock-forming mineral of the surface rock which a kind of common rock-forming mineral of aluminosilicate containing calcium, sodium, and potassium. It has many kinds, such as albite, anorthite, barium feldspar, barium ice feldspar, microcline, orthoclase, through feldspar and so on. They all have a glassy luster and come in a wide variety of colors. There are colorless, white, yellow, pink, green, gray, black, etc. Some lucency, some translucence. The feldspar itself should be colorless and transparent, colored or not completely transparent because it contains other impurities.


The chemical formula of berylite is Be3Al2(SIO3)6 which contains beryllium oxide (Beo)14.1 %, aluminum oxide (Al2O3)19% and silicon oxide(SIO2)66.9%. Hexagonal Crystal System, the crystal is a hexagonal column, the column with longitudinal lines. The crystal may be very small, but may also be up to several meters long. Hardness is 7.5-8, specific gravity is 2.63-2.80. Pure Beryl is colorless and may even be transparent. But most are green, and some are light blue, yellow, white and rose, with a glossy sheen.


1. Services (installation, test run, training):
The supplier can provide basic drawings and schematic drawings of equipment installation. The domestic technicians will be provided for free to guide installation and debugging, and the buyer will provide technicians with room and board. The buyer shall prepare the necessary auxiliary materials for installation.

2. Quality guarantee:
The equipment is guaranteed for one year. In the warranty period, due to the quality of the product manufacturing, manufacturers free warranty (except wearing parts).

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