Sand Making Machine Frequently Asked Questions

7 FAQ of sand making machine

7 sand making machine FAQ(frequently asked questions). Motor current difference problem, impeller rotor calibration problem, factors of affecting the sand-making effect, vibration reasons, screen mesh hole plugging reasons, screening equipment problems, etc.

1. How to solve the large current deviation of two motors in the sand making machine?

In the double-motors sand machine, the current of one motor is lower than the other is called inert reaction. The deviation should not be more than 10%. It is usually solved by adjusting and equalizing the tension of the transmission belt. Or checking the cleanliness of the terminal, the soft-start problem and other solutions.

2. Why should the impeller rotor of the sand machine be static balance corrected?

Without the proper static balance correction of the impeller rotor, the unbalance of the rotor is large, and the centrifugal force produced in the operation will cause the problems of abnormal vibration, abnormal wear of the rotor and excessive noise. According to the industry standard, the balance grade of the impactor rotor is G16.

3. The basic steps of balancing in sand-making machine

After changing the wear-resistant parts of the impellers of VSI sand crusher, the basic steps for correcting the static balance of the impellers are as follows:
1) Clean up the sand and gravel aggregate, worn parts and sundries on the rotors and accessories, and confirm that they can continue to be used.
2) Reinstall the wear-resistant parts and install the rotor on the balance fixture.
3) Determine the unbalanced counterweight and position.
4) Check the balance of the already balanced rotor.

vsi sand machine

4. Factors affecting the efficiency of VSI sand machine

Here we summarize 4 factors affecting the efficiency of the VSI sand machine.
1) The characteristics of raw materials: low hardness, low strength, good crushing, high efficiency of VSI sand machine.
2) The influence of the water content of crushed material. The sand yield will be reduced when the water content is higher.
3) The size of the feed. Generally speaking, the larger the feed, the better the crushing effect, but there is an extreme point.
4) The speed of the impeller. Generally, the higher the speed, the better the crushing efficiency.

5. Why the vibration of sand making machine is bigger when it starts running

Because of the start of the operation, the rotor did not form a uniform lining due to imbalance. Therefore, it needs to enter a few fine materials when the machine begins running. If the coarse material is fed at the beginning, it will continue to vibrate for several hours until a uniform material lining is formed in the rotor.

6. What are the types of vibrating screens used to screen in the sand plant

The screening equipment is mainly used in the sand production line are grizzly screens, trommel screen, circular vibrating screens, linear vibrating screens, high-frequency screens. And the grizzly screens are used to remove the soil process. the circular vibrating screen and linear vibrating screens are more common to use.

7. What factors will cause screen plugging in sand making machine?

7. Four reasons for screen Mesh plugging in sand-making machine

1) There are a large number of critical separation point particles in the aggregate.
2) There are more flake materials in the gravel aggregates, Because of the reasons for rock crushing or sand aggregate materials themselves, there are more flake materials in sand and stone materials.The flake materials in the screening equipment can not be sieved smoothly by themselves.
3) More mud in the aggregate.
4) The water content of the aggregate is high.

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