Jaw Crusher FAQ

Jaw Crusher Frequently Asked Questions

What is the jaw crusher FAQ? Crushing capacity, the range of application, price, maintenance and management, parts, etc.

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What material can jaw crusher crush

The jaw crusher crushing capacity is relatively large, and feed inlet is large, so widely used to crush hardness, large stone or mineral. Such as pebbles, granite, marble, basalt, limestone, gold, silver, lead, zinc, hematite, manganese, copper and so on.

The main working parts of the jaw crusher are two jaw dies. One is a fixed jaw die which fixed vertically on the front wall of the body. Another is an inclined movable jaw die which forms a crushing cavity with the fixed jaw plate. The crushing cavity is upper is big and the lower is small. The material enters the crushing chamber when the two jaws are separated, and the material is crushed when the two jaws are near.

Where to use jaw crusher

The main function of the jaw crusher is to break large blocks of rock into smaller pieces. So anywhere that needs to change the size of the stone is likely to need it. For example, quarries, mines, building materials, roads, railways, water conservancy, chemicals, cement, construction. According to the needs of the site, the crusher can be made fixed and mobile. For example, the quarry, the mine is usually use fixed. Road and railway projects often need to move, mobile stone crusher plant is more conducive to operations.

How much is jaw crusher

what are the price ranges on a jaw crusher? Anyone who has ever bought one of these machines knows, Metso, Nordberg, Symons, JXSC, Sandvik, Zenith, Terex all the brand’s crusher machine is different. Even though, the price of the same brand of crusher is not the same. Because the crusher’s materials and design are different, its capacity is different. Therefore, when you compare with the crusher price, you must know the materials and capacity. That’s where the comparison.

Our company has encountered such a case, we give a customer needs the 50-100tph capacity of the crusher quote. Feedback to us is too expensive, others quote much cheaper than ours. Contrast crusher, we found that the other crusher manufacturer’s price is 50tph capacity, but our quote is 100tph. The jaw crusher price will be much more expensive.

How to change the toggle plate jaw crusher

There are three main functions of the elbow plate of jaw crusher: transmission of power, safety and adjusting the size of discharge inlet. When the elbow plate wear or broken, it should be replaced immediately. How to correctly disassemble and install a toggle plate?

1. Disassembly: First screw out the baffle bolts, cut off the dry oil lubricating oil pipe, the thrust plate hanging in the crane hook or other lifting equipment. Then release the spring at one end of the lever, pull the movable jaw to the fixed jaw, and remove the thrust plate.
2. Installation: After the elbow plate is removed, pull the new elbow plate into the bracket seat with a steel wire rope and loosen the hand hoist to make the elbow plate and the bracket seat in close contact. Then a pull rod and spring are installed, at this point, the elbow plate is supported in the bracket.

How to adjust the jaw crusher gap

There is a movable jaw lever on the back of the jaw crusher, which connects the movable jaw and the spring. The gap between the movable jaw and the fixed jaw can be adjusted by adjusting the spring. Then the size of the outlet can be adjusted.

How to select the jaw crusher

There are three aspects we need to consider when selecting a jaw crusher for a crushing plant or mining plant.

1. Demand. Based on the hardness of the ore to be broken. If the ore processing plant for hard or medium-hard ore rough crushing can choose jaw crusher. In some non-metallic ore or cement industry, crushing medium-hard or soft ore, it can also use the impact crusher.

2. Service. Mainly includes two aspects, one is the pre-sale follow-up service. On the other hand, it is the after-sales service. A good manufacturer of after-sales service is very important, which is an important part of building a brand image. If after-sales service can not keep up with, it may affect the progress which resulting in incalculable losses.

3. Choice equipment type. The choice of model is decided by the size of crushing granularity. From a certain point of view, the choice of the model relates to the operation of the whole crushing production line. So the customer in the choice of crushing equipment, first clear crushing way, more granular material properties, particle size and crushing product requirements, the use of the corresponding force, and then choose crusher.

How to maximize jaw crusher liner wear life

Jaw liners are normally Mn-steel liners with 12-14 % Mn to withstand impact and abrasion resistance. With proper selection and design of the system, the life of jaw plates may be enhanced. Preferably discharge height should be optimum and jaw lines should be such that it can be repositioned so that the wearing of jaw plate s more uniform before discarding.

What need to know to buy a jaw crusher

When you buy a jaw crusher, you need to know your budget. Under the same specification, compare the different brands, technologies, designs, performance, materials used for each component, after-sales service, price, etc. under the same specification. Then choose cost-effective equipment.

How to calculate jaw crusher capacity

According to the jaw crusher accessories material selection, structural design, and other comprehensive consideration. So if you want to calculate the breaking capacity, you need to know the details of the material, the structure design, etc.

How about China jaw crusher

The Chinese jaw crusher has a large crushing ratio, uniform product size, safe and reliable system, convenient replacement of components, simple maintenance of equipment, the large adjustment range of discharge port, low noise and less dust. Many African countries like China crusher machine, JXSC Mining Machinery Factory is one of them.

We holp the 11 jaw crusher FAQ can help you to buy a jaw crusher. If you have other jaw crusher question that is not on the 11 jaw crusher FAQ list, you can contact us. Our engineers will answer your questions for free.


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