Aggregate Screen Problems and Solutions

Aggregate screen is one equipment in the quarry crusher plant which is used to screen the gravel size. After a long period of use, the aggregate screen can’t start, the vibration is big or unstable. How to solve these problems? This article shares the aggregate vibrating screen problems and solutions.

aggregate vibrating screen troubleshooting

The reasons for the aggregate screen can’t startup

1. Power

First, we see if there’s a problem in the power or the motor. If it is a motor failure, it replaces new motor parts is ok. The vibrating screen working assembly line is composed of centralized control lines. When some components are damaged, it needers to replace the new components in time. Sometimes the voltage is unstable, and the starting voltage is lower than the rated voltage value, so it is easy to be faulty. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure voltage stability in the working process of the vibration screen.

2. Vibration Exciter

The aggregate vibrating screen uses the vibrating principle of the vibration exciter to screen the materials. The screening equipment can’t start when the trouble with vibration exciter and it can’t a normal operation. We should need to ensure a good lubrication state when the vibrator exciter working. If the lubricating oil thickens, solidifies and agglomerates, it will not have the proper lubrication function. So it is necessary to timely check and replaces the appropriate lubricating oil.

3. Screen

Check if the vibrating screen equipment itself is out of order. Due to the material supply flow of vibrating screen changes, such as more than the prescribed value of feeding, the material on the screen surface will form a blockage. When the material accumulated to a certain amount, the working load of the vibrating screen becomes larger, which leads to the failure of starting up. To deal with such problems is to clean the screen to ensure that the screen can be screened smoothly.

vibrating screen probles and solutions

Causes of large vibration of aggregate screen

1. Excitation force too large

The vibrating motor is the part that provides exciting force for the equipment. If the motor power and model do not match or too large, there will be a large jump, displacement and other phenomena in the use of the process. And if the user adjusts the exciting force of the motor to increase the output or screen precision, it will cause the problem of intense vibration if the exciting force exceeds the rated range. If it needs to adjustment, we should consult the aggregate screen manufacturer and make adjustments within the tolerance of the motor.

Users in the purchase should provide detailed material characteristics, screening requirements, production requirements, etc., then the technical staff recommends a reasonable model.

2. Excessive stiffness of damper spring

The damper spring is the part that connects the base of the screen machine with the screen frame. Another function is to act as a buffer. If the spring hardness is too large to play the buffer effect, the device will run out of the problem. The user may choose to replace the high-quality spring to solve this kind of problem.

3. Installation problem

When it was installed, the uneven ground made it vibrate too much. Generally in the formal company purchase, they will provide installation technical support. For example, JXSC.

4. Loose anchor bolt

If the ground is installed horizontally which appears abnormal vibration. We can check if the anchor bolts are loose. Under the action of the vibrating motor, the screen machine itself will produce certain mechanical vibration, and the fixed anchor bolt will loosen after a long time operation. The vibration wave is transmitted to the ground through the base, and the vibration is regenerated. The solution to this problem is that the user can tighten the anchor bolt.

5. Motor steering

Some aggregate screens use a double vibration motor, and the factory will adjust the motor steering. But when the motor wear, damage and other phenomena, the users replace and the motor steering, power inconsistency, it also cause the screen machine violent beating. We can consult technical personnel to vibration motor steering, eccentric block and other to re-installation.

11 announcement when aggregate screen start

  • 1. Check whether there is a screw loose and the locking part is firm When use.
  • 2. Check whether the screen is compressed, the rubber pad, screen body and frame are connected.
  • 3. Check the connection between the motor and the screen.
  • 4. Check the power supply voltage of the vibrating screen.
  • 5. Check the interlock control device of the vibration motor.
  • 6. Remove the end cap of the motor, and check the relative phase angle of the sector is consistent, tighten the sector screw fastening.
  • 7. The two motors should be installed at the same angle.
  • 8. Check the feeding equipment.
  • 9. Check the tightening gate.
  • 10. Check whether the hose connection of the inlet and outlet is sealed, and don’t tighten, otherwise, it will break when the sieve body moves.
  • 11. No-load test. During the test run, the screen body and the frame shall not have the sound of a collision or abnormal sound. When the screen body moves in a reciprocating straight line, there shall be no distortion and other abnormal phenomena. After running for 10-15 minutes, tighten the bolts of the drive mechanism with the wrench.

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