Sand Making Machine Price Difference

Why is There so a Huge Difference of Sand Making Machine Price?

As an advanced sand making equipment at home and abroad, the vertical shaft impact crusher(sand making machine) has a wide range of market demands, many machine suppliers emerge accordingly. But unfortunately, it is still not easy to find a satisfying crusher machine from such many so-called “best” suppliers. There is an old Chinese saying, buy cheap and waste your money. Let’s sharpen our vigilance to uncover the tricks that selling at  very low price  even below the normal producing cost.

  • 1 Feeder hopper
    feeder hopper
    The left one is from by jointing
    The right one is from by model punching press, shaped at a time, is more durable.
  • 2 Cone feeder and disc feeder
    feeder plate
    The left one is cone shape feeder inlet.
    The right one is disc shape feeder inlet, can do the conversion among the type of central feed and fall feed quickly, thus reduce the adjustment time.
  • 3 Butt ends
    Butt ends of sand maker
    There are two types of the butt end of sand making machine, one is integrated type( as shown on the left), another is upper and lower combination type( showing in the right). the latter one is a combination of two pieces, can prevent the vertical shaft from wear efficiently by replacing the worn out plate, in addition, save the cost by more than 30%.
  • 4 Guard board
    Guard board of sand making machine
    Guard board also divides into integration type and combination type, as shown in the right, exchange using the upper and lower board can increase the coefficient of utilization, prolong the service life more than 48%.
  • 5 Impact block
    impact block of vertical impact crusher
    There are two kinds of impact block, square shape, and diamond shape, diamond shape block can avoid the material damaging the vertical shaft effectively, prolong the inner plate service life. Besides, it has better wear resistant performance.
  • 6 Crushing cavity
    crusher rotor
    The high-quality sand making the machine has the optimal design of structure and angle, can reduce the flow resistance, thus increasing the production efficiency greatly.
    The rotor as the core crushing part, influence the sand shape and amount significantly, large, deep cavity make the production capacity increased greatly.
  • 7 Material, function, technology, etc.
    For example, the key parts of the machine are made of first-class alloy material; the bearings and electric motor are equipped with the international well-known brand; Japan imported hydraulic device, quench process principal axis, etc.

JXSC MINE supply you with the real sand making machine without tricks.

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Sand Making Machine Price Difference
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Sand Making Machine Price Difference
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Why is there so a huge difference in the price of the Sand Making Machine? Let's sharpen our vigilance to uncover the tricks that selling at an extremely low price.
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