Stone Crushers

4 Kinds of Stone Crushers

In the metallurgy, mining and coal industry, stone crushers play an irreplaceable role. According to relevant statistics, in large-scale concentrating plants, the production cost for crushing and grinding generally accounts for 50% to 60% of the total investment, and the investment in crushing is about 50% to 60% of the investment of the concentrator. It can be seen that the stone crusher plays an extremely important role in the corresponding chemical production. In-depth study of the working principle of the stone crushers is conducive to improving its efficiency in the chemical production process, bringing convenience to the chemical production process.

Jaw Crusher

In the traditional compound jaw crusher, the motor drives the eccentric shaft to make a circular motion, and carry the moving rod, moving plate and thrust plate to do the horizontal motion. When the moving plate is raised, the angle between the thrust plate and the moving plate is also increased. The material between the fixed plate and the moving plate is crushed and broken due to the proximity of the two plates. When the moving plate descends, the angle between the upper and lower plates becomes larger, and the angle between the thrust plate and the moving plate becomes smaller, the crushed solid particles will be discharged due to the action of gravity.
However, the angle of rotation of the thrust plate during the whole process is small, so that the displacement of the moving plate in the horizontal direction is small, and the obtained solid particles have a large and uneven particle size. At the same time, the angle between the thrust plate and the moving plate is always positive, which causes the wear of the moving plate to be severe. Therefore, if you want to reduce wear, change this angle to a negative angle to reduce wear.
The crushing chamber consisting of two plates of moving plate and static plate, the crusher that simulates the two movements of animals and completes the material crushing operation is widely used in the crushing of various ores and bulk materials in the industries of mining smelting and chemical industry. The use of hydraulic adjustment mechanism for the size of the discharge port is another trend in the development of the jaw crusher. It is not only simple and quick but also adjusted as needed during work. The production practice shows that the hydraulic jaw crusher achieves the purpose of safety insurance and convenient adjustment by using the insurance mechanism and the adjustment mechanism, and the situation is good. Jaw crusher for sale.

jaw crusher equipment
200T/H Jaw Crusher in Angola

Cone Crusher

The cone crusher consists of two parts, a fixed cone, and a moving cone. When there is no material in the cavity, the moving cone moves irregularly along the surface of the fixed cone due to the centrifugal force. Turn on the cone crusher begins to break, the moving cone rotates around the material to pulverize the material.
The working principle of cone crusher: the motor provides power to drive the rotary shaft move, the pinion (the gear fixed on the drive shaft) and the large gear (the gear fixed on the eccentric sleeve) are engaged by the rotating shaft. The moving cone moves around the center under the driving of the large gear. The fixed cone can be adjusted according to the movement of the ring, and the size of the discharge opening can be adjusted when the fixed cone moves up and down.
When the meshed gear rotates, the moving cone rotates around the center line. Due to the movement of the moving cone, the solid material in the crushing chamber is broken due to the large and small distance between the moving cone and the fixed cone. When the distance between the moving cone and the fixed cone increases, the discharge opening will also increase, and the broken material will fall due to gravity. CONE CRUSHER FOR SALE.

HP cone crushers in 1000TPH
HP cone crushers in 1000TPH

Impact Crusher

The hollow rotor of the impact crusher is located at the upper end of the main shaft, and the central opening of the upper end surface of the rotor is fed. The outer wall of the side wall has a plurality of injection openings at equal distances. The rotor is surrounded by a crushing chamber composed of counterattack plates arranged in a regular pattern. When the crusher starts work, the rotor rotates at a high speed, and after the material enters the rotor from the feed port at the upper end of the rotor, it accelerates in the rotor due to the centrifugal force and moves toward the injection port.
The lining plate can reach a speed of 60 to 80 m/s, and the material crush into smaller particles along the original crack under the action of strong impact force. At the same time, as the rotor rotates at a high speed, there is a strong swirling airflow in the crushing chamber, and the airflow is continuously ejected from the injection port with the material. Under the guidance of the flow guiding device, the rotor enters the rotor from the inlet of the rotor to form a circulating airflow.
As the impact crushing continues, the particles in the crusher collide with each other under the action of strong air flow to further refine. Therefore, there are more powdery materials with a particle size of less than 2 mm in the crushed material. The crushing energy of the vertical impact crusher is converted from the impact energy of the material. The impact energy is proportional to the square of the moving speed of the material. Therefore, by adjusting the rotational speed of the rotor to adjust the speed of the material movement, the different ores, and their products can be satisfied. Particle size crushing requirements. Impact crusher for sale.

Impact crusehrs in sand making plant
Impact crusher in sand making plant

Double Roll Crusher

When the roller crusher is working, the left and right rollers move in opposite directions, the left roller moves clockwise, and the right roller moves counterclockwise. Under the action of the two rollers, the encouragement particles falling into the crusher are crushed by the rotational force of the two rolls to obtain a smaller particle material.
The working process of roller crusher is mainly divided into three processes:
(1) Solid material falls into the crusher, if the pieces are too hard, the solid material that has not been broken by the process will be transferred to the next stage for crushing.
(2) First, the cross-sectional area of the roller that the material contacts is the largest, if the unbroken material from the previous process is passed to this process, indicating that the size of the material is small, the roller of the previous process cannot break it. The cross-sectional area of the process is smaller than the previous process, and the material falling into the material is forcibly crushed, and the broken material leaks from the gap.
(3) If there are still some materials with too large particle size, the final step will be smashed, which is a complete cycle.
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