9 Reasons And Solutions For Impact Crusher Material Blockage

Impact crushers have wide application in fragmented industries due to their simple structure and convenient operation and maintenance. It usually work with jaw crusher, cone crusher, vibrating screen, vinrating feeder, belt conveyor etc. Various problems inevitably arise in production. Here take a look at the issues that may arise!


9 reasons and solutions for impact crusher material blockage

Material blockage is one of the common faults in impact crusher work. During the production process, once the material is blocked, the equipment will be forced to stop, wasting a lot of time cleaning up the accumulated material and affecting the efficiency of the entire production line. So, what are the specific reasons for the emergence of anti-blocking materials and how should we handle them? Here are the reasons and solutions for the occurrence of material blockage in impact crushers.

1. The material has high humidity and is prone to sticking, causing blockage
  • If the raw material has a high water content and viscosity, the material is prone to adhere to both sides of the sieve hole and lining plate. It resulted in the crushing chamber decrease, a lower pass rate of the sieve hole, and material blockage.
  • Solution: Preheat the impact plate and feed inlet, install drying equipment, or expose the material to sunlight to reduce its moisture content.
2. Excessive and too fast feeding
  • Feeding too much or too fast can easily cause choking. When the impact crusher feeds too much or too fast, there is no time to crush and discharge, causing blockage.
  • Solution: During the feeding process, pay attention to the deviation angle of the ammeter pointer. When the feeding is large, the pointer of the impact crusher ammeter will be too large. If it exceeds the rated current of the machinery, it will cause an overload operation. Working too long can cause material blockage or even burn out the machinery’s motor. When such situations occur, on the one hand, it is necessary to reduce the feeding amount and adjust the feeding machinery.
3. The discharge speed is too slow
  • Under normal circumstances, the feeding speed and discharging speed are balanced. Excessive or too fast feeding can lead to material blockage, and slow discharging speed can also cause a large amount of material to be blocked inside the machine, resulting in blockage and the inability of the equipment to operate normally.
  • Solution: To avoid overloading, adjust the feeding speed according to the processing capacity of the machine. If the feeding material changes, we should adjust the discharge port accordingly.
impact crusher
impact crusher
4. Materials that are too hard, or too large in size, and large amount
  • When the material has high hardness and is not easy to break, or the feed particle size exceeds the maximum range limited by the impact crusher, insufficient crushing between the impact plate and the plate hammer can also block the discharge port.
  • Solution: Before entering the crushing chamber, we should confirm the suitable materials for the impact crusher, especially the requirements for material properties, to ensure the correct feeding of the crusher. It is not easy to input too much material into the crushing chamber. Therefore, install an electric bell and an alarm flashing bell light at the feeding port to control the feeding and avoid blockage caused by excessive material input. After the rough crushing of large pieces of material, they are put into the crushing chamber to achieve or approach the crushing requirements as much as possible, to avoid material blockage.
5. Wear and tear of equipment components
  • If the main components of the impact crusher are worn (such as the hammer and impact plate), poor material crushing effect can also cause material blockage.
  • Solution: Pay attention to checking the wear of components, replace severely worn parts promptly, ensure the crushing effect of materials, and reduce material blockage.
6. Loose V-belt and insufficient transmission energy
  • A crusher relies on a V-belt to transmit power to the pulley to achieve the purpose of material crushing. If the V-belt is too loose, it cannot drive the pulley, affecting the crushing of materials or preventing the smooth removal of crushed materials, causing blockages.
  • Solution: During the production crushing process, pay attention to checking the tightness of the V-belt. If there is any improper situation, adjust it promptly.
7. Impact crusher to break through spindle damage
  • The spindle is the lifeline for the operation of the crusher components. If the spindle is damaged, all components will be affected and unable to operate normally, causing the equipment to stop moving and causing material blockage.
  • Solution: Operators and maintenance personnel need to pay more attention to the maintenance and repair of the spindle, lubricate it on time, maintain it well, and solve problems promptly to avoid affecting production.
8. Improper operation
  • Part of the reasons for material blockage are operator errors, which may result from unfamiliarity with the process or temporary errors.
  • Solution: Equipment operators should undergo strict training before taking up their positions. They should not only be familiar with the operating standards of the equipment but also understand the entire production line process.
9. Improper design of crushing chamber
  • The crushing chamber is the site for material crushing and processing in the impact crusher. After completion, it will discharge from the lower part. If the design is improper, the material can easily cause blockage in the lower part of the crushing chamber.
  • Solution: Improve the crushing chamber by adopting a curved crushing chamber, where the meshing angle of the chamber gradually decreases from top to bottom. This crushing chamber is conducive to the descent of large pieces of crushed material, allowing small materials to discharge from the crushing area, and reducing material blockage.

Other Faults and Solutions

What is the reason for the excessive return of materials used in the impact crusher of building stones?

The construction stone impact crusher is secondary crushing equipment in the sand and stone processing production line. It is popular due to its good particle shape and uniform size. However, in actual production, the construction stone impact crusher sometimes returns too much material. What is the reason for this?

How to adjust the discharge port for impact crusher?
  •  The key to adjusting the rotor speed for building stone materials to break through crushing materials is for the motor to drive the rotor to run at high speed in the crushing chamber. Therefore, when the power is constant, the faster the rotor speed, the smaller the particle size of the discharged material. On the contrary, the larger it is. Therefore, adjusting the speed of the rotor can adjust the discharge particle size.
  • The gap between the impact plate and the plate hammer is adjustable. The larger the gap between the impact plate and the plate hammer, the larger the particle size of the finished product. On the contrary, the smaller it is.

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