Custom Coal Gangue Crushing And Grinding Plant Machine

Coal gangue is solid waste discharged during the coal mining and washing processes, generally large black-gray rocks with a Mohs hardness of 3-7 levels. It is used to produce building materials such as gangue cement, lightweight aggregates for concrete, refractory bricks, etc. Besides, it is also suitable for recovering coal, burning coal, and gangue for power generation, producing chemical products, and extracting precious and rare metals. It needs a coal gangue crusher to crush large blocks of coal gangue into small particles to achieve these applications.


Application of coal gangue

1. For road construction
The crushed coal gangue is a road-building material with good wear resistance to wind and rain erosion.

2. Using coal gangue to make bricks
Coal gangue is also a kind of brick-making material. The raw material coal gangue accounts for more than 80% of the brick-making raw material, and some also account for all. In the early stage, it needs to crush the coal gangue to achieve a particle size of 5-10mm, with a profit of over 65%.

3. Production of lightweight aggregates
It is a new building material, such as building large-span bridges and high-rise buildings.

The above applications are just a few uses of coal gangue after crushing. In addition, coal gangue is the raw material to produce Portland cement, cement mixtures, cement production, chemical mixtures, etc.


Coal Gangue Crushing And Grinding Plant Machine

1. Coal gangue crusher

Because coal gangue is a brittle material, we can adopt a single-stage crusher machine or multi-stage crushing with over two crushers.

  • Multi-stage crushing mainly uses a combination of jaw crusher and impact crusher to process large coal gangue into small particles. One-stage crushing mainly uses a hammer crusher to process coal gangue, which can directly process coal gangue into materials below 20mm.
  • In coal gangue processing, the choice between multi-stage or single-stage crushing mainly depends on investment costs, production site limitations, etc. In addition, there are many different types of jaw crushers, impact crushers, and hammer crushers. When selecting the stone crushers, it is necessary to choose machines according to the actual production needs.

2. Coal gangue grinding equipment

1. Raymond grinding machine

Introduction: The overall output of Raymond mill is 8-176t/h, which can meet different material particle size requirements. The feeding particle size is below 30mm, and the discharge size is between 80-325 mesh.

  • The overall structure of the Raymond grinding machine is simple, easy to install and maintain, and it occupies a small area.
  • Adopting electrified intelligent control, with a high degree of automation, saving labor and material resources, monitor and operate in real-time.
  • The grinding efficiency is high, the processing level is good, and the overall screening rate reaches 99%.
  • The fineness of the grinding powder reaches 80-325 mesh, fully meeting the needs of some passing industries for grinding coal powder.
2. High strength grinding machine

Introduction: The overall output of the high-strength grinding machine is between 0.6-176t/shift, which is convenient for adjusting the discharge particles. The feeding is below 300mm, and the discharge range is between 80-425 mesh. It also produces 30-80 mesh coarse powder.

  • The fineness is uniform, and the overall screening rate reaches 99%, which is difficult for other machines to achieve. The operation is stable. The internal transmission device adopts sealed gears and pulleys, which ensure smooth transmission and reliable operation.
  • High wear resistance. The grinding roller and ring adopt wear-resistant devices, which have a long operating time, and short downtime for maintenance.
3. Ball mill

Introduction: The overall output of the ball mill is above 0.65t/h. It uses steel balls as a medium for grinding internally. The discharge size is between 80-200 mesh.

  • It adopts mechanical seal production, and reduces coal powder overflow when processing coal powder. Horizontal production, smooth operation, high hourly output, and good processing ability.
  • The main bearing structure adopts double-row self-aligning spherical roller bearings to reduce the power of the original motor, effectively reduce the installed capacity, improve efficiency, and reduce energy consumption.
  • The starting current is low, and the starting time is short, which can reduce energy consumption by 30%, further achieving energy-saving and low-carbon production. It installs a new dust removal and noise reduction device with better dust control. Control mineral processing wastewater and sludge reasonably. The oil is also free of heavy metal pollution, making it more environmentally friendly.
ball mill
ball mill


Solutions for coal gangue grinding plant

Grinding production solution 1
  • Equipment configuration: jaw crusher+coal gangue grinding machine (Raymond grinding machine equipment)+auxiliary equipment
  • Production advantages: If the particle size of coal gangue raw materials is relatively large, choosing a combination of jaw crusher and powder mill is more reasonable. It has wide applicability, and the feed particle size reaches 1500mm. The jaw crusher first crushes it into smaller particles and then grinds it, resulting in better product quality and higher market prices. This solution applies to small and medium-sized coal gangue powder factories that value product quality.
Grinding Production solution 2
  • Equipment configuration: Mobile coal gangue heavy hammer crusher equipment
  • Production advantages: It is a new type of grinding equipment with a built-in driving unit, with a production capacity of 40-650 t/h. The entire machine is a grinding production line, and the crushing site does not require complicated fixed installation procedures. It is free to transfer to any place according to needs. The design is versatile and intelligent with high production, which is popular among users who require non-fixed sites.


We accept customization for more models to meet the requirements of different scales. The price of the mining equipment will determined by the manufacturer’s type, machine model, manufacturing process capacity, etc. We can provide various mining equipment like stone crushers, etc. Welcome to consult JXSC‘s professional engineers to get the quotation based on your requirements. We will design a sand-making and crushing production line flow chart for you.

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