Best Gravel Stone Processing Machine for Your Needs

Gravel stone is a high-valuable fine sand and stone product in the construction sand industry. The ideal gravel stone sand-making machine is the impact sand-making machine process stone materials into particles ranging from 1-10mm. There are various standard gravel stone sand products. It is a mixture of cement and aggregates for air-placed concrete. With the development of gravel sand with high profits in mining industry, more and more people are join this business.

Gravel stone with a lightweight and particle size distribution similar to black beans. In some areas, it is also called sunflower seed stone. It is a construction and decoration material for flat roads and roofs. Nowadays, more and more gravel stone sand as a construction and decoration material circulates in the market. Gravel stone sand-making machines crush the stone materials to sand and get qualified products. According to product regulations, use different stone sand-making equipment.


Gravel stone processing machine

Gravel stone has a small particle size, so many choices of sand-making equipment are suitable for the sand-making process. It includes roller sand-making machines, composite sand-making machines, impact sand-making machines, etc. You can choose according to your actual needs.

  1. Roller sand crushing machine

The roller sand-crushing machine adopts a roller design and uses two opposing rotating rollers to crush the material under high pressure. There is also a wedge or gasket adjustment device between the rollers, so it can finely crush and produce sand. The feed particle size of the roller sand-making machine shall not exceed 30mm, and the final product particle size adjusts range between 2-10mm. The final product particle size shall be uniform, with a low over-crushing rate and low needle-like content. The hourly production range is between 5-110 tons, which is more suitable for small and medium-sized gravel stone sand-making plants.


  • Unique roller design with more flexible crushing methods can overcome crushing and sand making operations in both dry and wet material forms.
  • Adjusting the discharge particle size through the gap between rollers or casters makes it easier to adjust the discharge particle size, meeting the needs of more users.
  • Large crushing ratio, high crushing efficiency, high capacity, excellent quality of final materials, and reasonable particle size.
  • Energy saving and low energy consumption, saving 45% of energy consumption under the same production capacity. It has low working noise and pollution, making it a model of low-carbon crushing (sand making).
gravel stone double roller crusher
gravel stone double roller crusher


  1. Composite sand making machine

The composite sand-making machine is a new type of fine-crushing equipment with the advantage of hammer breaking. It is small and widely used in small-scale crushing sand production lines. It adopts a no-sieve design, even for high moisture content melon and rice stones, not easy to block the discharge port.

The composite sand-making machine is mainly suitable for crushing materials with medium hardness and above. The feed particle size does not exceed 100mm, and the hourly production range is between 5-100 tons. The specific production capacity depends on the size of the equipment model and the actual operation situation.

  1. Impact sand making machine

The impact sand-making machine with a combined throwing head only needs to replace the worn part, which can reduce the operating cost by 30%. Compared to the two types of sand-making machines mentioned above, the price is higher, but it is more professional in making gravel stone sand. The hydraulic adjustment system produces relatively fine discharge products, usually between 0.25-5mm, which has a shaping effect on stone materials. The hourly production capacity reaches 600 tons, suitable for large and medium-sized gravel stone sand-making plants. There are stationary and mobile type sand making machine for choices.

  • Impact sand making machine

The impact sand-making machine is a commonly used gravel stone sand-making machine. It adopts a stone hit stone or stone hit iron breaking chamber and has two main functions: sand making and shaping. The product has a uniform particle size of sand and stone and does not require secondary disposal to solve the problem. It provides sufficient impact force to the sand and stone aggregates, making them as smooth and broken as possible, and has high sand-making efficiency.

  • Mobile sand making machine
  1. The mobile sand-making machine is an upgraded version of the sand-making machine, with a processing capacity of 40-400T/H. It integrates feeding, breaking, sand making, conveying, etc. The whole machine is a production line that enters the operating environment, making it convenient and increasingly common in sand and gravel fields.
  2. The Gravel stone sand making machine has advantages of uniform discharge particle size, high product rate, and low energy consumption. The materials used include river pebbles, limestone, granite, basalt, quartzite, etc.


Gravel stone sand washing machine

The crushed gravel stone contains a small amount of stone powder, impurities, etc. It has a certain impact on manufacturing cement mixtures, concrete, etc. So it needs a wash process.

We know that sand washing equipment in the market often uses sand washing machines, and there are various types of sand washing machines with different functions and costs. Gravel stone refers to stones with a particle size of smaller than 0.5cm. When cleaning them, we usually choose a wheel-bucket stone washing machine.

wheel sand washing machine
wheel sand washing machine

The external design of this machine is based on wheel buckets, which is more suitable for its name wheel-bucket sand washing machine. According to different production needs, it can be equipped with single-wheel buckets, double-wheel buckets, and three-wheel buckets. This machine is powerful and suitable for cleaning stones or machine sand. The wheel-bucket sand washing machine is driven by an electric motor to roll the gravel stone that falls into the wheel-bucket stone washing machine under the action of water flow. Under the impact of water, the stone powder and impurities inside are cleaned thoroughly, and the water flow takes away these stone powder and impurities.

  • The wheel-bucket sand washing machine requires a complete set of stone-washing production equipment, which includes crushing equipment, screening equipment, conveying equipment, and stone-washing equipment. The crushers used to crush stones of different particle sizes into gravel stones are mainly coarse crushers and medium fine crushers. Sometimes, the material hardness and particle size are not large, we can use coarse and medium fine crushing equipment.

We accept customization for more models to meet the requirements of different scales. The price of the mining equipment will determined by the manufacturer’s type, machine model, manufacturing process capacity, etc. We can provide various mining equipment like stone crushers, etc. Welcome to consult JXSC‘s professional engineers to get the quotation based on your requirements. We will design a sand-making and crushing production line flow chart for you.

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