Silica Powder Processing And Grinding Equipment

As a new material, organic silicon is developing rapidly with considerable profits. Silicon is the primary material shown in the shape of powder, particles, such as silica sand, silica powder, etc. What is the mining equipment for producing silica powder?
Silica is an important chemical raw material, mainly used in the production of refractory bricks, monocrystalline silicon, cement, etc. It has a significant position in the industry. At present, many countries around the world have silica mines, and most silica mines have high purity and ore content. The hardness of silica is about level 7, and the compressive strength is 200-300Mpa. Generally, silica stone needs to go through crushing and grinding . So, here we share some information about the complete equipment for processing silica powder.


Application Of Silica Powder

Silica is a widely used chemical raw material with a large output, mainly used in acidic refractory bricks for the metallurgical industry. Pure silica is suitable for making quartz glass or extracting monocrystalline silicon. Here are the specific uses of silica powder after processing.

  1. Glass

It is the raw materials for flat, float glass, glass products, optical glass, glass fiber, glass instruments, and anti-radiation special glass.

  1. Ceramics and refractory materials

The raw materials for porcelain embryos and glazes, as well as high silicon bricks, ordinary silicon bricks, and silicon carbide used in kilns.

  1. Metallurgy

The silica powder is the raw material or additives, fluxes for silicon metal, silicon iron alloy, and silicon aluminum alloy.

  1. Architecture

Concrete, cementitious materials, road construction materials, artificial marble, cement physical performance testing materials, etc.

  1. Chemical industry

It is the raw materials of silicon compounds and water glass, fillers for sulfuric acid towers, and amorphous silica micro powders.

  1. Mechanical

The raw materials for casting sand are grinding materials (sandblasting, hard grinding paper, sandpaper, sandcloth, etc.).

  1. Electronics

It is high-purity metal silicon, communication optical fibers, etc.


Silica powder processing equipment

  1. Jaw crusher

The jaw crusher is generally the primary crushing equipment for silica stone. The hardness of silica stone is high, and many high-hardness raw materials will use a jaw crusher. Due to its powerful primary crushing function for various materials, which is popular in the market.

  1. Cone crusher/fine jaw crusher

Due to the high hardness of silica stone, many high-hardness materials generally adopt cone crushers as intermediate and fine crushing equipment.

  1. Bucket elevator

It quantitatively lifts the crushed silica stone into the storage bin, with a high lifting height, stable conveying capacity, flexibility, and convenience. At the same time, it has product advantages of stable operation, reliable quality, long service life, and low power consumption. It has become a necessary equipment for powder grinding production lines, with a market share of over 70% in the industry.

silica powder processing equipment
silica powder processing equipment
  1. Vibrating screen

It is for screening qualified and unqualified stones. Qualified stones enter the following process for processing, while unqualified materials return to the previous process for continuous processing.

  1. Vibration feeder

Modern mines are all actively feeding ore. The vibrating feeder evenly and continuously feeds the silica material into the stone crusher. It makes sure not to block the crusher due to a sudden material influx, or cause the crusher to waste energy without load. It maintains that the production line always produces at full load, avoiding the occurrence of blockage.

  1. Belt conveyor

A belt conveyor is a material conveying machine. It connects various production processes to form a complete silica powder production line.

  1. Ultra-fine grinding machine/ball mill

Silica powder can be processed into coarse, fine, or ultra-fine powder. Follow the demand and output of final products to choose grinding equipment. The silica grinding machine is a material grinding equipment.

  • Working principle of silica grinding machine

When the silicon carbide grinding machine is in operation, the materials go to the feeding hopper. By relying on the grinding roller device suspended on the main machine’s plum blossom frame, it rotates around the vertical axis and rotates itself. Due to the centrifugal force during rotation, the grinding roller swings outward and presses tightly against the grinding ring. It makes the shovel to pick up the materials and deliver them between the grinding roller and ring. Through the rolling of the grinding roller to achieve the purpose of crushing the materials.

  • Performance advantages of silica grinding machine

  1. Good particle size composition of the product

The particle size from the silicon carbide grinding machine is adjustable, with good particle composition and uniform particle size. The electrical system adopts centralized control, and the grinding workshop achieves unmanned operation.

  1. Low production cost and high performance

Due to the vertical structure of the entire machine, it occupies a small area and has strong systematicity. From rough processing of raw materials to conveying, powder making, and final packaging. It forms an independent production system, with a screening rate of up to 99% and high performance.

  1. Good stability and high reliability

The transmission device of the silicon carbide grinding machine adopts a closed gearbox and pulley, which drives smoothly and operates reliably. At the same time, the main components adopt high-quality castings and profiles, and the process is fine and rigorous, ensuring the reliability of the entire equipment.


Solutions for silica powder processing plant

Considering the different sizes of raw materials, there are generally many options to choose from:

1) For silica raw materials with small particle sizes but not meeting the conditions for direct grinding. We can adopt equipment such as jaw crushers, powder mills, elevators, vibrating feeders, electromagnetic vibrating feeders, vibrating screens, etc.

2) Due to the large particle size of silica raw materials, which doesn’t meet the conditions for direct grinding after primary crushing treatment. It requires secondary or tertiary crushing treatment.


We accept customization for more models to meet the requirements of different scales. The price of the mining equipment will determined by the manufacturer’s type, machine model, manufacturing process capacity, etc. We can provide various mining equipment like stone crushers, etc. Welcome to consult JXSC‘s professional engineers to get the quotation based on your requirements. We will design a sand-making and crushing production line flow chart for you.

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