Crushing Plant Installation, Operation and Maintain

An efficient, energy-saving and environmental protection crushing plant not only depends on the high-quality stone crusher machine, but also depends on the good connection and cooperation among various equipment. If you want the crushing equipment of crushing plant to keep high-efficient steady working, the daily maintenance and repair work must do well. How to set up a good rock crusher plant?

crushing plant install and maintain

Preparation for installation

1. Setting up markers to control the thickness of the paving, such as horizontal standard or raised stakes, or bouncing horizontal elevations or nailing horizontal elevations onto fixed building walls, grooves, and ditch slopes.

2. When the groundwater level is higher than the bottom of the foundation trench, the measures of drainage or lowering the groundwater level should be taken to keep the foundation trench without water.

3. Before proving, the relevant units should be organized to jointly check the groove, including the axis size, horizontal elevation, geological conditions. If you discover holes, ditches, wells and so on, you should dispose well before building the foundation.

4. Check the stability of the slope of the foundation trench and pipe trench, and remove the floating soil and water on the foundation.

Operating Notes

After the preparatory work of crushing plant equipment doing well, the operation of starting up should as the stipulate orders. There are five areas should be noted as follows.

1. Attention the ampere meter of the control cabinet when starting the main motor. After 30-40s starting peak current, the current will down to the normal working current value.

2. The current should not exceed the specified value with a long time in the normal operation process.

3. After the jaw crusher is running normally, the vibrating feeder can be started. And alter the feed quantity by adjusting the feeding belt according to the size of the material block and the operation of the jaw crusher. In general, the height of material accumulation in the crushing chamber should exceed 2 / 3 of the crushing chamber height. The diameter of the block should not exceed 50%-60% of the width of the inlet. At this time the production capacity of jaw crusher is high. It will cause blocking if the material bigger, then affect normal production.

4. To prevent metal objects (such as shovel teeth, track plate, drill, etc.) into the crusher machine to avoid damage to the machine. You should inform the next post operators immediately, and take out in time to prevent accidents from entering the secondary crusher system.

5. When the electrical equipment automatically trip. If the reason is not clear, it is strictly prohibited to start the crusher equipment continuously.

Key points of maintenance

The higher usage frequency machine is crushing equipment in the crusher production plant. To ensure higher production efficiency and longer service life, plant manufacturers must do a good job of maintenance.

1. Dearing maintenance
Bearing parts of crushing equipment is more easily damaged. Making sure the service life of bearings needs to add lubricating oil and grease.

2. Daily maintenance
In order to ensure that the crushing equipment is in good technical condition, to reduce the downtime of failures, and to improve the intact rate and utilization rate. It is necessary to carry out regular maintenance or even compulsory maintenance, and correctly handle the relationship between maintenance and repair. It’s not allowed to just use it or just use it.

3. Lubrication and maintenance
Regular attention and timely lubrication of the friction surface can ensure the normal operation of the crushing equipment. The Grease added to the bearing housing is 50-70% of the volume and must be replaced every three months. Such as it needs to use gasoline or kerosene to clean the bearing roller runway when oil change.

4. Maintenance during the run-in period of the plant
It is very important that the connection and cooperation of a stone crusher plant equipment. When the users purchase the crushing plant equipment and put it into normal use. They need a long running-in period. For example, if the feeding and conveying links cannot be synchronized, it is easy to block, or the radiation range is too wide to affect the efficiency of the production line. Also some damage to the equipment.

However, in order to meet the deadline, most users ignore some small parts that should be paid attention to during the running-in period. Or make the machine overwork for a long time, which leads to frequent failures in the early stage. It not only affects the normal use of the machine, but also shortens its service life. What’s worse, it affects the progress of the project because of the destruction of machinery,

Production Safety System

1. Making a big comprehensive safety production inspection for crushing plant every month. And analysis the results of the inspection, formulate corrective measures. and written by the department in charge of safety for filing.

2. The workshop team recurring inspect. If you discover the problem, you should report to the leadership and the specialized department in time. It needs to solve and not allow working with the problem to make sure the safety job of the whole rock crusher plant.

3. The electric installation, crusher machine, conveyance such as belt conveyor, and protective equipment need to check for them every year. Problems found in the inspection should be written, file for future reference, and solve within a time limit to ensure safety in production.

4. Make seasonal inspection on rain prevention, lightning prevention, heatstroke prevention, frost prevention and skid prevention, and take corresponding protective measures in time.

5. During the holidays, it must need to arrange professional safety managers to duty for a safety inspection. Meanwhile, arrange some safety guards to ensure safety.

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