What Difference Between Artificial Sand and Natural Sand

The Difference Between Artificial Sand and Natural Sand

artificial sand and natural sand

1. Supply

As a result of years of exploitation, natural sand resources are becoming less and less. And demand exceeds supply, prices are soaring. The supply and quality have not guaranteed. However, the raw materials of artificial sand are sufficient. Where there is stone, there is mechanism sand. There are many materials that can use as manufactured sand, such as urban Construction Waste (construction waste), crushed stone tailings, stone debris, stone slag, mine tailings, etc.

2. Price

The price of machine-made sand varies from place to place, but it is much cheaper than river sand. Compared with river sand, artificial sand is about 20 yuan cheaper per ton. In addition, the profit of machine-made sand is also quite considerable. With the scale of 2,000 tons per day and according to the current market price. The monthly gross profit is expected to be more than 1 million yuan.

3. Environmental

The traditional manufactured sand production does bring about environmental problems such as dust pollution. But with the continuous improvement of the sand making process, the production now basically adopts a fully closed structure. And every machine outlet is equipped with water spraying so that dust doesn’t spill out. While the dry process of environmental protection, no need to wash, no produce sewage, silt, dust, and other problems.
But river sand mining seriously affects the natural environment and damages the balance of nature.

4. Firmness and durability

Artificial sand is a little worse than river sand. But it still reaches GBT 141684293 grade. There is no problem with ordinary concrete. However, in order to be used in the concrete members which are often impacted by friction, the ratio of lime to sand. The crushing index of sand and the content of stone powder should be controlled.

5. Performance effect

Effect of the content of manufactured sand and stone powder on the properties of cement mixture. Through the tests of cement, mortar, and concrete, there is no great difference between the concrete prepared with artificial sand and natural sand. Generally speaking, the water consumption of manufactured sand is slightly larger under the premise of the same slump. But it must consider the factors of execution conditions, construction, and transportation. But the strength of concrete is basically the same. When using artificial sand pump transport concrete, the sand rate should not be too high to avoid reducing the strength and durability of concrete and other engineering quality.

6. Particle size

The particle size of machine-made sand is more irregular. When using cement structural bonding, tend to have better adhesion, more compression resistance, and longer service life.

In conclusion, it is not only feasible to manufacture and use high-quality machine-made sand to meet the needs of engineering construction. And the comprehensive benefits also considerable in areas where natural sand resources are scarce.


Artificial sand

Artificial sand is made by treating mountain rocks and river pebbles with crushers machine and sand washers into sand suitable for construction. Mechanism sand particles rough surface, multi-angular, aggregate and cement, the aggregate bond between good, and high mechanical bite force. So the concrete with artificial sand than strength with natural sand.

However, due to the intense collision and the stone itself has a certain amount of soil in the process of a crusher plant. Therefore, the artificial sand containing a certain amount of stone powder and mud powder. The existence of mud powder will seriously affect the gradation of sand.

But the powder can make up for the artificial sand in the concrete caused by the gap, water demand, poor liquidity, and other shortcomings. In order to solve the problem of the silt content of artificial sand. People have learned the principle of river sand making and made a sand washing machine. Removes the silt in the sand through the sand washing machine, thus making the artificial sand meet the standard of building sand. This method is called sand making and washing plant.

Artificial sand making process

sand crushing plantsand crushing plant

The equipment includes vibrating feeder, crusher, sand making machine, vibrating screen, belt conveyor, sand washing machine in the sand plant. Now the mobile sand-making machine has been paid more and more attention to customers. If the raw material is a small stone, it can not be broken, directly into the sand machine output mechanism sand. A complete production line can be equipped with crushed stone, machine-made sand production.

Natural Sand

Natural Sand is mainly formed by the impact of natural forces, such as river sand, sea sand, sand and so on. River sand is smooth, relatively clean and comes from a wide range of sources. It has no taste, and sea sand has a salty taste. It is a non-metallic ore with complex composition, smooth surface, and high impurity content. However, due to environmental protection and other reasons, the cost of natural sand is getting higher and higher. And it can not meet the increasing market demand. In this case, the sand making machine came into being.


River sand is the standard cement sand, mostly used in construction, concrete, cementitious materials, road building materials, artificial marble, cement physical properties testing materials. River sand also can be used in casting, forging machine, metallurgy, heat treatment, steel structure, frame structure, container, ship, repair, bridge, mine, and other fields of sand cleaning. Rust removal, strengthening, forming, stress relief and surface cleaning and coating of various profiles. Pre-treatment of roughness before electroplating, cutting, magnetic shot casting, as additives for heavy concrete and high temperature refractory. To increase its wear resistance, high-temperature resistance, erosion resistance, electrostatic shielding, radiation protection, oil well filter tank, counterweight and so on.

Mining method

sand pump

The sand is pumped by the slurry pump and transported to the shore by pipeline. However, due to the over-exploitation of river sand. Local deformation of the river bed. Broke the balance of water and sediment movement. Serious natural environment. The pump manufacturers gradually stopped producing pumps for sand extraction.

Pump manufacturers are moving away from pumps that extract sand from rivers. Such as china pump manufacturers Walkerpump now produces a slurry pump, gravel pump, dredge pump, centrifugal pump and more.

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