4 Methods of Fine Sand Recovery

In the sand making plant and sand washing process plant, the artificial sand obtained by the sand making machine contains some soil, which will affect the use of manufactured sand. Therefore, in order to meet the requirements of building sand, the gravel sand needs to wash by sand washing equipment.

jxsc sand recovery machine

Sand Washing Process Step

1. Screening. The material is transported to the vibrating screen through the bin for washing and screening.
2. Washing. After screening, the material is transported to the impeller sand washing machine for washing.
3. Dehydrating. The washed material is sent to the dewatering machine for dewatering treatment.
4. Fine Sand recovery. Sand washing wastewater is extracted from sand by clay trough into a fine sand recovery machine.
5. Finished sand.

In the sand washing process, fine sand will be lost with the flow of water. According to statistics, a sand washing plant loses about 5%-25% of the content, it seriously affects the artificial sand output. The recovery of fine sand in the sand washing process can not only save resources but also respond to the policy of environmental protection. How can you reduce sand loss? This article shares 4 methods of fine sand recovery.

1. Use of multi-stage settling pond precipitate

In the sedimentation tank equipped with three layers of precipitation device. Then the washing sand wastewater into the sedimentation tank after a period of time, it will be layer by layer precipitation. Because of the heavier sand and mud, after long time precipitation, sand and mud can be separated.

The disadvantage of this method is that it needs a long time sedimentation work. It needs to take up a large area of settling pond and needs manual desilting in the later stage. This method costs a lot of manpower and time.

2. Equipped with dewatering screen equipment

The sand washing wastewater is discharged onto the screen surface of the dewatering screen so that the lost sand can be recovered.

Its disadvantage is that it can only recover raw materials that contain little or no mud. If it contains much mud, it can not recover because it is still a mixture of mud and gravel sand.

sand washing plant equipment

3. Use a fine sand recovery unit for recovery

The sand washing wastewater is discharged to the lower water tank of the fine sand collector. The mixed mud sand water is pumped to the cyclone separator by the slurry pump and then discharged to the screen surface. The fine sand is discharged with the screen surface, and the mud and water return to the lower water tank to form a cycle From which sand is extracted from wastewater.

4. Chemical addition

Drain the lost sand water into the sink and add the chemical reagents. Then the mud and sand quickly coagulate into flocs that achieve the rapid separation of sand and water. However, this method is mainly applied to the recovery and utilization of clean coal in the coal industry. It has some limitations when used in sand and gravel yard, so the method isn’t recommended

Fine sand recycling machine notes

(1) Don’t put the material when stating. Put into material after a few laps of idling. This can reduce the burden of equipment.

(2) It needs to consider the total power when configuration transformer. We can properly configure some voltage to avoid low voltage operation of the equipment and ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

Wheel sand washing plant process

The gravel which in the wheel sand washing machine is continuously stirred bumped and rubbed with each other by the rotate auger. The goal is to destroy the water vapor layer covering the sand and remove impurities from the surface. Then the sand through the twisted dragon continued to advance, finally from the sand washing machine outlet discharge. In order to obtain artificial sand of better quality, many sand factories adopt two-wheel sand washing machines in series to clean sand for a long time. JXSC supplies complete sand making plant equipment. Contact us to get the price

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