Hammer Crusher Common Problems and Solutions

Hammer crusher common problems and solutions

Hammer crusher is an equipment that uses impact form crushing materials. The crusher machine divides into a single rotor and a double rotor. The single rotor is divided into reversible and irreversible. The hammer crusher is widely used for fine crushing of medium hardness materials because of its high productivity and easy maintenance. The hammer mill crushers play an important role in the whole stone crusher plant. It will inevitably appear a variety of problems during hammer crusher working. The problems need to be resolved in time once find. This article will talk about 7 hammer crusher common problems and solutions.

hammer crusher design

Bearing heat

Reason: improper bearing design selection. The processing accuracy of hammer crusher parts can not meet the requirements. Poor installation quality. Vibration factors. Poor lubrication, bearing wear and failure. V belt tension is too large. Improper maintenance methods. The environment temperature is too high.

Solution: Add the right amount of grease. Cleaning bearings. Bearing housing processing accuracy needs to meet the requirements. bearing replacement, etc.

Discharge size too bigger

Reason: Excessive wear of hammerhead. Broken screen bar.
Solution: Replace the Hammerhead and replace the screen bar.

The elastic coupling produces a tapping sound

Reason: Loose pin shaft; elastic ring wear.
Solution: Stop and tighten the pin nut, and replace the spring ring.

Yield reduction

Reason: The gap of the sieve is blocked. The feeding is not uniform.
Solution: Stop and clean up the screen gap in the plug. Adjust the feeding mechanism.

The inside the machine produces a tapping sound

Reason: Not crushing materials enter the hammer crusher machine. Lining fastener is loose and hammer strikes the lining. Hammer or other parts are broken.
Solution: Stop and clean up the broken cavity. Check the tightness of the lining board and the clearance between the hammer and the screen. Replace the broken parts.


Reasons: replacement of hammerhead or cone headwear makes rotor static balance counter condition. Hammerhead broken. Rotor unbalance. Pin roll bending, broken. Triangular plate or disc cracks. Anchor bolt lose.

Solution: remove the hammerhead and choose hammerhead according to the weight which makes the total weight of hammer on each hammer shaft equal to the total weight of hammer on its relative hammer shaft. That is the static balance to meet the requirements

hammer crusher plant notes

Bearing locking

The so-called bearing locking is the bearing in the operation of a large number of heat. The heat in a short time can not be dissipated which leads to locking. This phenomenon in equipment as well as the production service site is very common. The specific causes of bearing heat have the following aspects.

1. Improper Assembly

Misfit of bearing outer ring and housing bore or bearing inner ring with shaft during assembly. Improper control of bearing heating temperature during assembly. Improper adjustment of bearing clearance during assembly. These three improper assemblies will cause the bearing heat, resulting in the bearing holding dead.

2. Oil Seal problem

Oil Seal is used to seal the rotating shaft of mechanical equipment with oil seal components, and the cavity is basically static. So the oil seal is also known as the rotating shaft lip seal. For the oil seal with auxiliary lip, the auxiliary lip has the function of dust-proof which prevents the impurity invasion. And in order to prolong the life of the oil seal. The auxiliary lip often has bad lubrication, and the friction force is big which causes the oil seal to dry friction and the damage. So the installation of a double lip oil seal must be between the lips filled with grease.

3. Clearance problem

During the assembly process, if the gauge is not carefully checked, the temperature will rise rapidly after a certain period of time. Bearing outer ring size has been determined by the end cover and the mouth of the bearing seat, the size of the diaphragm sleeve reduced. The size of the inner ring will be adjusted by the round nut, and finally compressed. the axial clearance of the bearing reduced, making it hot during operation.

4. Lubrication problem

Bearing Grease should not be too much. If fat amount is too large which will increase the friction Torque, bearing temperature rise. But if fat amount is too small that can’t obtain reliable lubrication and dry friction. Generally speaking, the proper amount of grease is 1 / 3 ~ 1 / 2 of the total void volume in the bearing. Therefore, according to the use requirements, regular injection of the appropriate amount of grease.

Hammer Crusher Maintenance

1. Check equipment regularly

Check whether the screw is loose, whether the lubrication is good, whether the parts damaged ( parts such as center feed pipe, conical cover, impeller, underflow liner, circumferential guards and jaws, etc.). Repair or replace in time if they worn out. At the same time, the weight, type, and size of the replacement part must be changed according to the original part parameters. It is best to check the equipment before use to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Do those also can extend the life of the machine, reduce maintenance costs.

2. Do the lubrication work well

According to the requirements of the equipment to choose lubricating oil or grease.

3. Keep clean

In the operation to make the equipment above no debris, no dust and so on.

4. Operating specifications.

If abnormal must stop using, and then repair. Hammer crushes continue to use until such troubleshooting.

If you had meet stone crusher problems are not the 7 hammer crusher common above. But you can’t solve the problem, you can contact us. Our rock crusher engineers will help you.

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