How To Select Cone Crusher?

How To Select Cone Crusher?

The cone crusher is divided into the high-speed hydraulic type and the low-speed type. The high-speed type includes single-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers and multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers. Low-speed type includes Symons (hydraulic, no hydraulic) and compound cone crushers. The cone crusher is widely used in the production of stone-crushing plants and mineral-processing plants. With the development of mining technology, the cone crusher also divided into several types. When we need a cone crusher used for stone mineral crushing operations, how to select a suitable cone crusher?

Working principle:

The motor drives the transmission shaft through the triangular belt and gear, And the gears drive the eccentric sleeve rotating. The dynamic cone makes a spinning motion under the action of the eccentric sleeve, and the moved cone liner and the fixed cone liner are sometimes close, sometimes deviated. The material in the crushing cavity is continuously under squeezed and impacted, and friction between two liners and crushed to small material size. The crushed materials fell through the gap between the puncture part and will discharged from the lower body. The cone crusher was suitable for crushing mid-high hardness rocks. it shows a good effect of the cone crusher when working with a full load .

1. Single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

It is a high-speed cone crusher with a small volume and a big stone crushing rate, especially suitable for secondary crushing in the stone-crushing production line. It can also replace different cavity types according to actual demand. Setting the discharge size, constant cavity type, and concave mantle put automatic compensation into practice by the PLC system. There is no need to adjust the discharge size manually. The hydraulic oil temperature also presented in real-time on the PLC system, We can check whether the machine’s operation is good by observation on it. It has a complete hydraulic system that adopts thin oil lubrication to lubricate the main shaft. The oil temperature will change according to the cleanliness and lubricating degree of lubrication (shelf life and quality of the lubricating oil). The lubricating oil circulates in the main engine through the oil pipe and returns to the hydraulic oil tank. Normally there are three ways with air conditioning, air-cooled, and water cooling to cool down the lubricant.


  1. The body structure is simple, with more components and a more exquisite appearance.
  2. Because of the concise body structure, it reduces some production expenses, so the machine cost is cheaper than a multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher.
  3. In operation, it is very convenient for crusher installation and future maintenance. In Technical, the single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has improved the slider to make it adapt to higher speeds and improve the sway of the ingot,which makes the crusher specifications meet requirements, the final production capacity becomes higher than before.

2. Multi -cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers usually play a role in ultra-fine crushing operations in the stone crushing plant. the dynamic cone driven by the eccentric sleeve liner is rotating around the main shaft center line, and the dynamic cone is moving around the movable cone liner, so the motion of the dynamic cone is composed of two rotation movements. The Advantage of such a design has a funtion of reducing energy consumption and make crushing particle size bigger with high reliability, good particle shape, and low cost for worn parts.


1. Compared to conventional cone crushers, Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers are partially upgraded and improved, the structure design becomes more reasonable. This device uses multi-cylinder hydraulic technology to achieve a high crushing rate. At the same time, it ensures production capacity is up to standard, and the energy consumption is also under controll; especially suitable for various stones with a crushing strength of lower than 300 mPa.

2. The hydraulic multi-cylinder cone crusher has a unique crusher structure, which greatly improves its production capacity. The semi-automated hydraulic regulatory unloading hole has good control over the size of the output stone particles and makes the finished material reaches the required size. Therefore, it is more economical and practical.

3. The use of high-intensity integrated shell materials has iron layers protection, which makes it much safer during operation; no matter what hard materials, it shows good performance with long service life. It equips with good technology, long service life, and high wear resistance, which is much better than ordinary equipment, at the same time, the price is higher.

3. Symons cone crusher, compound cone crusher

The old type of non-hydraulic Simmons cone is a spring cone crusher, with no hydraulic cavity cleaning function, but it still with the hydraulic device, which has the effect of adjusting the discharge port. Now, most cone crusher manufactured by the factory has improved with more function of hydraulic adjustment discharge port, hydraulic cavity cleaning, and thin oil lubrication, the operation becomes more automatic and convenient. they adopt an optimized design, making the fault-free operation rate more than 95% when in service.



1. You can select the crushing cavity type with high crushing efficiency, uniform product particle size, and appropriate particle size according to production needs.
2. The unique dustproof seal structure extends the replacement cycle of lubricating oil and the service life of parts.
3. Main parts and components are made of special materials which support large crushing force.
4. The crushing reaching far with a big stroke and big crushing force makes the production capacity higher.
5. It adopts a Hydraulic cavity cleaning system which makes the machine easy to operate and reduces downtime.
6. Stable performance, low operation cost, and long service life of worn parts.


So far, the Symons cone crusher is the most popular one among these types of crushers, because the price of it is more cheaper than the single-cylinder type and multi-cylinder types, it also has good performance when operating. The final selection of cone crusher type depends on the final material size according to the customer’s requirements. At the same time, it is necessary to consider whether the particle size of the primary crusher, such as the jaw crusher, can enter the cone crusher after crushing. When the particle size from the first crusher and the particle size from the finished product exceeds the normal crushing ratio, this situation will require a third stone crushing machine.

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