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Limestone is a common non-metallic mineral and a valuable resource with wide range of uses; the main component of limestone is calcium carbonate. Lime includes quicklime and hydrated lime; The main component of quicklime is CaO, which is generally in block shape, pure white, and light gray or yellow when containing impurities; Quicklime absorbs moisture or adds water to become hydrated lime, also known as hydrated lime; Hydrated lime is blended into lime slurry, lime paste, lime mortar, etc., and it is used as a coating material and tile adhesives; It also has other names: limestone, calcite, marble, chalk, and aragonite. Limestone is widely used as building materials or industrial raw materials; its main component is calcium carbonate, which has the features of high chemical resistance, acid resistance, and resistance to various gases. This limestone is widely distributed in nature and can use for the manufacturing products such as paper, rubber, and polishing products in addition to the above two purposes; With the continuous development of science and technology, limestone is gradually crushed and applied in other fields; It will need stone crushers if we need to crush limestone, how many types of limestone crushers are in total?


A limestone crusher is a stone-crushing machine, there usually are four types: jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, and cone crusher. These crusher equipment have stable and reliable operating performance, a simplified process, a simple structure, and convenient maintenance.


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4 Types Of Limestone Crusher

Stone Crusher Machine_
Stone Crusher Machine

    1. Jaw Crusher

The jaw crusher is for the primary crushing operation of limestone, which can crush large limestone and has an excellent crushing effect.


  1. The jaw crusher crushes limestone with shaped particle size, and the particle size is also very uniform, without any limestone of different sizes, fully meeting the customer’s requirements.
  2. This stone crusher has environmental protection effects and fully complies with national environmental standards, which prevent pollution from people’s physical and mental health.
  3. Stable operation, high production efficiency, and large production capacity.
  4. It is not only easy to operate and do the future maintenance, but also easy to install. The users can complete the installation work on their own.


    2. Impact Crusher

The impact crusher mainly crushes limestone of medium particle size, and the hardness of the limestone should not be too hard; if it is too hard, it will easily cause blockage during operation, thereby affecting the construction progress.

It has these features as below:

  1. The impact crusher can effectively adjust The discharge particle size of limestone, and the crushed limestone has a good particle shape.
  2. The wear parts of this equipment are all made of wear-resistant materials, extending the service life of wear parts, and reducing replacement frequency and operating costs.
  3. This equipment effectively increases the production capacity of limestone and helps the customer get higher economic benefits, and its operation is also very stable.


    3. Hammer crusher

Hammer crushers can crush limestone to less than twenty millimeters without the help of other equipment, with a very high crushing ratio and numerous performance advantages.

  1. The hammer crusher has a high crushing ratio, high production capacity, and few cases of excessive powder, which effectively increase the economic benefits of the enterprise.
  2. At the site where the hammer crusher crushes limestone, there is little dust pollution, which indicates that the environmental protection measures of the equipment are very effective.
  3. Easy to operate and maintain, and with a low frequency of malfunctions, it allows for continuous operations and accelerates the construction progress.


    4. Cone Crusher

The cone crusher is mainly suitable for medium particle-size limestone. With the continuous development of technology, many types of cone crushers have emerged in the market, such as single-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers, multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers, Symons cone crushers, and compound cone crushers. The performance of each cone crusher has certain advantages, which are included in the following information.

  1. This equipment has strong adaptability with the quick operation. Even if non-crushing materials enter the crushing chamber, there will have no shutdown.
  2. The production capacity is high, and the limestone after crushing by the cone crusher, production capacity has increased a lot, and sometimes the construction can be completed in advance, resulting in high production efficiency.
  3. Low production cost, fast return, stable operation, low noise, and low vibration.


500tph Complete Limestone Crushing Plant

This setup is a 500tph complete limestone crushing plant. The max input size is 1020mm, and output sizes are 0-5mm, 5-19mm, 19-25mm, and 25- 50mm. It is configured with a hopper, vibrating feeder DN6 zero 1 5, primary jaw crusher PE-1200*1500, 2 sets impact crusher PF1 5 2 zero, 4 sets vibrating screen 2YD3 zero 7 2, and 12 pcs belt conveyors.

500tph Limestone crushing plant
500tph Limestone crushing plant
  1. The excavator unloads the stones into the hopper, and the stone enters the vibrating feeder from the lower part of the hopper;
  2. The vibrating feeder feeds the 120-1020mm stones evenly to the primary jaw crusher; the vibrating feeder will have a gap of 120mm grizzly bar to screen the stone. 0-120mm stone will fall into the 1st belt, it will be transferred to the 2nd main belt, and they will be transported to a stockpile.
  3. The stockpile is equipped with one hoist vibrating feeder. The materials in the stockpile will be sent to the 3rd belt conveyor.
  4. The material from the stockpile will be crushed for the second time by the 2 sets PF1520. There is 4th conveyor belt which is under the 2 impact crushers.
  5. The output of the impact crushers will be sent to two sets of vibrating screens 2YD 3 zero 7 2 with 25mm, and 50mm mesh by the 5th conveyors. +50mm material will send back to the stockpile to be crushed again by the 6th conveyor belt. And 25-50mm is the first product that will  transferred by the 7th conveyor belt.
  6. The less than 25mm will be sent to another 2 sets of vibrating screens with 5mm, 19mm mesh by the 8th and 9th conveyor belt. After the screening, there are three outputs 0-5mm, 5-19mm, and 19-25mm. Each output will need one separate conveyor belt.

Different input material sizes, processing capacities, and final product sizes require a different crushing machine. The price of the limestone crushing equipment will determined by the manufacturer’s type, equipment model, manufacturing process capacity, etc. Welcome consult JXSC‘s professional engineers to get the quotation according to your actual situation, we will design a sand-making and crushing production line flow chart for you.


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