Situation and Development of Mobile Crushing Plant

Mobile Crushing Plant

The mobile crushing plant is flexible and convenient, strong mobility, which can save a lot of capital construction and relocation costs. The rock crushing plant can be crushing material on-site. It can move along with the raw material mining surface advancement which reduces the material transportation expense massively. The plant has the excellent crushing performance of rock crushing, aggregate production, and open-pit mining. It can form a powerful crushing assembly line through the combination of different types of machines. Next, we will talk about mobile crushing station development, composition, advantages, and daily maintenance.

mobile jaw stone crushing plant


In recent years, with the increase of the scale and quantity of open-pit mining in Chin. Semi-continuous mining technology is the basic way to reduce the cost of mining, save fuel consumption, and it also is the development trend of open-pit mining engineering. The Appearance Of the mobile crusher plant which has created the conditions for realizing the advanced semi-continuous technology of single bucket electric saw mining — mobile crushing station — belt conveyor transporting — spudder spudded the soil, and it has been gradually applied and popularized in China. Semi-continuous technology is a new open-pit mining technology developed in the 1960s, which was first applied to a limestone mine in Germany. After years of application and development, technology is increasingly mature.

Mobile crusher plant is one of the important core equipment in open-pit mining. Its innovation lies in the unique functionality and mobility which putting together traditional crushing and screening equipment. This equipment has been applied in many large open-pit mines in Inner Mongolia and Shanxi. With the development of large open-pit mines around China. The application of mobile crusher station will be more and more. Therefore, the research and development of equipment have become an important topic in open-pit mining.


A mobile crusher plant is a number of crushing & screening units composed of crushing equipment, feeding equipment, and screening equipment. According to the crushing process, several crushing and screening units are selected to form the crushing production line. The material is usually uniformly conveyed to the crushing equipment through the feed bin and vibrating feeder. The crushed material is then conveyed by a belt conveyor to other crushing and screening units. Finally, the material is processed into the required size by crushing and screening and is transported to the finished product pile by belt conveyor. The crushing station is a movable crushing and screening equipment which integrates feeding, crushing, screening, conveying and electrical control.

The core equipment of the mobile stone crusher plant is the crusher machine. At present, the following types of rock crushers are used in the mobile plant: jaw crushers, rotary crushers, cone crushers, impact crushers, hammer crushers, roll crushers, toothed roll crushers, vertical impact crushers, etc.


1. Flexible Mobility

It is very convenient for the ordinary mobile transition and saving the time of quick access to the construction site. It is more conducive to the station in the reasonable construction area, eliminating the tedious steel frame structure and foundation construction in the crushing process, and saving a lot of time.

2. Reduce the cost of materials

The mobile crushing station eliminates transportation costs by sending crushed material directly to a specific conveyor belt. Customers can provide a more flexible process planning configuration according to the material types and product requirements in the process. And it can meet the requirements of users, such as mobile crushing and mobile screening. Thus, the transfer of crusher plant is more direct and effective, and the cost is low.

3. Strong adaptability and flexible configuration

The crush plant provides customers with a simple and low-cost configuration of special composite units. For the medium crushing sieving system, it can be run independently by a single unit. And it can be composed flexibly by the system configuration unit.

track-laying stone crusher plant layout

4. Reliable performance

The mobile crushing stations are usually equipped with high-performance crusher, high crushing efficiency, versatility, crushing product quality, light reasonable structural design and excellent crushing performance. The maximum range of coarse, medium and fine materials to meet the crushing and screening requirements.

Routine maintenance

In the operation of the equipment in the crushing plant, we should pay attention to the noise and vibration of the equipment. If there is excessive noise or vibration, the machine should be stopped quickly. After troubleshooting, no-load restarting should be carried out in the starting order. In addition, we also need to pay attention to observe the quality of products, productivity. When the quality and yield is not normal, it may occur crusher machine, screen equipment plugging or screen surface damage and other failures.

In order to keep the equipment in a good performance, except for normal maintenance, the equipment should also be scheduled for a minor repair, intermediate repair, and overhaul.

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