Mobile Crushing Plants Types And Selection

With the continuous development of a low-carbon and environmentally friendly economy, the stone-crushing equipment industry adapte to the times, innovating mobile stone-crushing stations. Mobile crushing plant is a one-stop crushing equipment for stone crushing, with flexibility and mobility. It is one of the indispensable equipment in the modern construction industry. Compare to stationary stone crushing stations, mobile crushing stations have less pressure to deal with environmental inspections and come with functions like dust removal and noise reduction. Due to the small footprint and the ability to quickly evacuate construction sites, it is popular in some relatively close construction sites like highways, municipal construction, and slag treatment.


Types of mobile crushing plant

According to different requests and the characteristics of crushed materials, mobile crushing plant include mobile jaw crushers, mobile impact crushers, mobile cone crushers, mobile hammer crushers, mobile vibrating screens, etc.

Mobile Jaw Crusher

It is for the primary crushing of hard stone materials with a production range of 10-2200 tons/hour. The mobile jaw crushing station is a crushing equipment composed of a jaw crusher and a mobile crushing station structure. Due to its integration of feeding, crushing, and conveying, this equipment achieves direct crushing and processing of materials on-site with higher efficiency and lower investment, making it highly favored by customers.

mobile jaw crusher plant
mobile jaw crusher plant

Mobile Impact Crusher

It is suitable for crushing hard stones, fine crushing, sand making, and multi-level crushing and shaping of materials. The mobile impact crusher does not require piling or raw materials transportation. It directly enters the working site and starts working, completing the crushing process in one station with high efficiency and low energy consumption. In recent years, the mining industry has made rapid progress. The demand for sand and gravel materials in many industrial sectors has gradually increased and requires more equipment for processing. This equipment has the characteristics of fine crushing, high efficiency, good shaping, good flexibility, and convenience. Therefore, it is popular in industries like sand and gravel, construction, coal mines, and road engineering.

Mobile Cone Crusher

  • The mobile cone crusher is suitable for crushing hard materials like limestone, bluestone, granite, river pebbles, limestone, basalt, etc. It has high production capacity and crushing efficiency. This crushing plant can work with different types of cone crushers for crushing materials with various properties.
  • When operating the mobile cone crushing station, the vibrating feeder transports the stones to the cone crusher for crushing. After the initial crushing of the cone crusher, the materials go to the vibrating screen to separate different size products. The qualified stone material enters the following processing process. The closed-loop system achieves material circulation and crushing. The finished materials are transported to the product pile by the conveyor for continuous crushing operations. The entire crushing process is smooth, with materials flowing between various equipment.

Mobile Hammer Crusher

It is upgraded based on heavy hammer crushers. The crushers are combined with mobile frames like wheels, track, and remote control operations. It has the advantages of flexible mobility, flexible matching, and wide application, creating more benefits for customers and reducing equipment costs. The hammer crusher has small capacity than jaw crusher, impact crusher and cone crusher, it is suitable for small scale mining or sand making processing.

Mobile Screening Plant

  • It is used for screening and working with the above-mentioned mobile crushers to achieve pre-treatment and fine separation of stone materials.
  • The mobile mining vibrating screening machine consists of screening equipment and a mobile structure. During operation, the stone gravels enter the vibrating screen to separate different final products. Large stones flow forward along the slope of the screening machine with different mesh sizes to get the final product.


Advantage of mobile crushing plant

  1. There are different processing machine combinations for choices.
  2. The mobile crusher has the characteristics of a reasonable combination of crushing equipment, smooth discharge of the entire line process, reliable operation, convenient operation, high efficiency, and energy-saving.
  3. Good mobility, extended along with raw materials or construction sites. There are multiple combinations of machines to meet the needs of different materials.
  4. It has multiple functions like feeding, crushing, screening, etc.
  5. It is suitable for crushing and processing different materials  like quartz, bluestone, granite, and construction waste. The final product has uniform particle size, complete shape, and good quality.


How to choose a mobile crushing plant?

We can choose mobile crushers based on the factors as follows.

  1. Hardness and toughness of the raw materials: Select the appropriate crusher model based on the required hardness and toughness of the raw materials.
  2. Production capacity and discharge particle size requirements: Select suitable models and configurations based on production capacity and required discharge particle size requirements.
  3. Flexibility and mobility of mobile crushers: Select equipment with good flexibility and mobility according to actual construction needs and operating site conditions.
  4. Energy consumption and maintenance costs: We should consider the energy consumption level and maintenance costs and select equipment that meets economic benefits and sustainable development.

Different input material sizes, processing capacities, and final product sizes require different crushing machines. The price of the stone crusher will determined by the manufacturer’s type, model, manufacturing process capacity, etc. We can provide various mining equipment like stone crushers, etc. Welcome to consult JXSC‘s professional engineers to get the quotation based on your requirements. We will design a sand-making and crushing production line flow chart for you.

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