Influence of High Temperature Environment on Stone Crushers

Since May, the temperature has been rising. The temperature reaches over 30 °C in many countries. The continuous high-temperature environment will bring many difficulties to the use of stone crusher and other mining equipment. And the summer rain, the humid also will affect the service life of mining equipment. So, what effect does the high-temperature environment have on the rock crusher machine? And how to achieve normal production?

Influence of high-temperature environment on rock crusher

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In the high-temperature environment, the temperature of the crusher equipment itself will rise. It is easy to produce unpredictable abnormal conditions, such as sudden shutdown, spindle sudden fracture, and other failures.

  1.  Because of the principle of heat expansion and cold contraction, high temperatures will cause the crusher parts to expand. Resulting in the occlusion of each part has more friction and deviation. Not only affect the production schedule, but friction also will further increase the temperature.
  2. The high-temperature environment will make the oil temperature rise. The oil and viscosity decline local oil film damage. The lubrication effect and bearing capacity decrease between the parts. What’s more, the oil carbonization that burning tile.
  3. High temperature is harmful to the engine, hydraulic system and Electric Circuit of crushing machine. Hydraulic systems in the high-temperature environments will often appear failures of a burst pipe, joint oil leakage, solenoid valve coil burning, hydraulic valve jam, noise, etc.
    Using the energy accumulator systems, it may damage the accumulators due to the high temperature of the hydraulic oil. It will be more easily lead to skin cracking in the summer of the aging circuit. Because of the expansion of metal that causes short-circuit failure. The electrical components which in the control cabinet are prone to failure in the high-temperature season. The key control components such as industrial control computer and PLC are also prone to failure. For example, dead machine, slow running speed, and control failure.
  4. Working at a high temperature for a long time will lead to poor lubrication system performance. Easy deterioration of oil, chassis and another transmission system easy to wear. It also affects the exterior paint layer, braking system, clutch, throttle control system, and metal construction. Also shown in: easy to produce air resistance, resulting in no fuel supply. The high temperature will make the engine intake system performance decline, sealing, engine oil leakage and increase fuel consumption.

How to achieve normal production

1. Do a good job in the daily maintenance of crusher equipment.
Check the equipment regularly. Change the butter. Adjust the belt. Check the core parts and wear-resistant parts. The operator should always check the temperature on the work. If you find the problem immediately stop to inspect and remove. For time can not find the reason, never still working without treate.

2. Clean up the oil and dust of the motor body in time to ensure that the engine keeps good heat dissipation.
Although some of the equipment is equipped with a dust control system, reducing the probability of dust-caused downtime. But the summer due to high temperatures, dry air, dust problems will become more serious. For example, it is necessary to regularly check the fixed bolts of the anti-dust seal slip ring of cone crusher. Preventing the dust seal and slip ring from falling off. A large deal of dust and ore into the body which causes the crusher machine scrap or major economic losses.

2. Replace the appropriate oil viscosity level for equipment.
Generally, the summer oil viscosity level is appropriately higher than other times. Motor oil and every lubricant oil need to replace the use of summer oil. Oil appropriate. Regular check whether there is oil leakage. Fuel should be added in time.

3. Check
Check whether the cooling system and fuel system are smooth. And replace wires, plugs, tubing, screws, tighten the fuel pipeline which aging. Prevent fuel leakage.

4. Attention the temperature.
When the stone crusher operating, it needs always to pay attention to the crusher bearing temperature. In normal working conditions bearing temperature rise should be in the range of 35 degrees, and not more than 70 degrees. Keep the bearings in good lubrication condition and pay attention to the sound and vibration.

5. Place equipment
No matter the equipment is in a shutdown or working state, it should be placed in the shade as far as possible. Such as setting up temporary sunshades, Sunscreen and so on. It can avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, equipment aging, affecting work quality and efficiency.

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6. Ventilation and breathability
The environment setting of indoor equipment is better in a ventilated place. At the same time, it should attention to adjust the indoor temperature, and ventilation and breathability of the surrounding environment. The temperature is not more than 40 degrees. Provide a good working environment for the crusher.

7. Maintenance
Under the high-temperature situation, the stone crusher is more prone to malfunction in the use process. Therefore, we should pay more attention to maintenance. And the large faults should be eliminated in the embryonic state. while ensuring the normal operation of the production, ensure the personal safety of equipment operators.

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