Coal Crusher Machine

Coal crusher is used to crusher large particles of coal in its application. The crusher purpose is better storage and transportation for coal.

coal crusher plant

Introduction of coal crusher

The coal rock crusher is classified according to the working principle and structure. The crusher machine can realize to deal with the massive and high efficiency of coal. At present, the more widely used is the hammer crusher. The machine can crusher the coal that larger than the size of the discharged material. It realizes crushing and better screening of the material in the process.

The final formed material has a high lump rate and saves energy, etc. With the wide application and development of this crusher equipment technology, it has a good development prospect in the field of coal mine treatment. Because of its simple structure and strong stability, the equipment is more suitable to use in coal mines. This type of crusher is mainly on the strength of less than 120MPA medium hardness Brittle non-metallic materials for crushing operations.

The squeezing crusher machine such as jaw crusher, cone crusher, roll crusher, gyratory crusher also can crushing coal.


Application status of coal stone crusher

Whether the application technology of coal crusher is stable in coal mining will directly affect the economic benefits and profits of coal enterprises. The crusher manufacture and development are closely related to power machineries such as electric motor and steam engine. The coal mine crusher development with power machinery development.

The current coal crusher has reached 800 tons per hour in the coal mine production efficiency. With the development of the global economy, the requirement of coal quality and coal particles is higher and higher. Often the coal particles can not meet user demand and unsalable that refused to pay the phenomenon. The phenomenon makes some economic benefits of coal production enterprises. Various stone crusher for sale

Again, coal washing equipment requirements are different on the coal particle. Therefore, the coal roll crusher equipment selected should also have some differences in coal production. If the washing particle size exceeds the limit of coal washing equipment. It will cause pipeline blockage, pump blockage and so on. At this time, there is no way to play the most effective of the coal washing plant equipment. To ensure that the problem does not occur that it is necessary to strict select a coal crusher. Further assurance the eligibility of the feed particle size.

The application of large-scale coal washing equipment in coal mine production is very extensive. Crusher machine should have a stronger processing capacity and processing adaptability. Therefore, the machine should be able to meet higher automation, wear resistance, low maintenance rate requirements. China’s coal crusher manufacture development is good. And China has entered the production of large countries in the industry, exported to the United States, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, and other countries and regions.

Development prospect in the future

According to the national development and Reform Commission, China’s coal industry will face eight development tasks in the future. One of the important tasks involves the application of coal rock crushers. With the development of China’s coal industry, the transformation of the mode of production and the development of coal use. The machine will be more widely used in coal production.

From the current market situation, most of the coal crusher used in the type is relatively new. This equipment has a very unique technical advantage in the coal crushing treatment. Not only meet the large-scale industrial production of coal, but also achieve energy-saving, environmental protection. From the current market development, coal jaw crusher is generations of updated products. Then the advantages of various crusher equipment on the basis of comprehensive. It is necessary to consider a variety of environmental factors. The system and technology upgrade, the current coal cone crusher equipment manufacturing is in line with large-scale efficient, energy-saving and environmental protection production needs.

Why washing coal

Coal Washing is also called coal preparation. According to the difference in the density of impurities of coal and coal gangue with noncombustion value. The purpose is to separate the impurities by hydraulic power. The plant increases the calorific value of the clean coal and reduces the heat taken away by the non-burning impurities during combustion. Improve thermal efficiency, reduce energy waste, reduce transport volume.

The water after washed will very large pollution. Most of the treatment can reuse for coal washing. The purpose of coal washing is not to clean the coal. It is an indispensable process before coking. Coal divide into raw coal and clean coal. The coal directly extracted from the mine is called raw coal, and the coal that has gone through the coal washing process is called clean coal. The raw coal is the energy used as fuel in general. Clean coal is a kind of coal used for coking. It removes sulfur and impurities to achieve coking standards.

Water Coal Washing

Water coal washing technology is to use water to clean coal. It needs to remove coal gangue and improve coal utilization and calorific value. Thus reducing the transport cost of coal gangue, and further develop the added value of coal. The equipment that must be mentioned in the coal washing process is the water pump that provides the water. Pump for sale – Walkerpump

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