Used Stone Crusher

We know that the used stone crusher has some market demand. For example, used jaw crusher, used cone crusher for sale, used mobile crusher machine and so on. But these are also many people lost in thought, buy new rock crusher or used, although the used rock crusher price is lower than the new one. Now, I will compare the used crusher machine with new crushing equipment.

China Used second hand Stone Crushing Machine

The spare parts of the new stone crusher are all brand-new. In terms of both the stability and the crushing efficiency of the materials. The new jaw stone crusher is more efficient and has greater production capacity. There is abrasion in using the mobile stone crusher machine. Therefore, there are large vibration and noise when working. And the crushing efficiency is obviously lower, the discharge finished product granularity drops.

Service life
Second-hand stone crusher accessories and vulnerable parts are used. Because the rock crusher equipment working environment is worse. No matter the crushing equipment uses time how short, the accessories will be worn. Both the whole machine service life and operating efficiency are reduced. But the new equipment is different. Both the wearing parts and the wear-resistant parts are brand new. There is no need to worry about the problems of replacement and maintenance after a short period of use. Compared with used stone crushers, the new machine has a longer working life and more free from worry.

Crusher Price
The new quarry crusher price is higher than the used stone crusher on the market. This is an important reason for many customers want to buy the second-hand mobile rock machine. But as the saying goes, “a price is worth a purchase. ” Although the price of high-quality equipment is more expensive, quality is more secure. The used rock crusher machine although the price is cheap, the dealers can’t guarantee the quality of equipment to customers.

JXSC Mine Machinery Factory produces new all types of crusher equipment, such as jaw crusher for sale, impact crusher, hammer crusher, roller crusher. But no used equipment. If you need a new stone crusher price and rock crushing handbook, please contact us. But If you just want buy a used crushing machine. Pay attention to 3 points for your reference.

used mobile crusher machine

Three Attention
1. Look at the appearance: By observing the appearance of the crusher machine, see whether there is a collision or large area of cutting and welding, change. And whether all the fasteners on the equipment is original.

2. Look inside: Main check crushing equipment bearing rotation flexibility. The ball has no block. Whether the bearing refueling maintenance, machine bearing housing, processing parts.

3. See the manufacturer: you must go to some professional second-hand market or professional operating used equipment business to buy. Cautious, again cautious. The reason is very simple, after-sales service of the used stone crushers may not be able to provide protection. Just not let our money to buy one bad used crushing machine.

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