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Mexico 120T/H Pebble Crushing Line

Our Mexico customer 120t/h river pebble crushing line was installed and put into operation. The whole production line is a three-stage closed-circuit system, which adopts the wet sand making process, graded crushing.  The description of river cobblestone crushing plant as following:

1 Description of pebble crushing site

  • Location: nearby the ancient riverbed, the pebbles with a particle size of 50-100mm are more than 60%, and the collection is relatively easy.
  • Particle size composition: particle size 5 ~ 50 mm pebble accounted for 5% ~ 10% of the total, particle size 50 ~ 100mm pebbles accounted for 60% ~ 70%, particle size of 100mm or more pebbles accounted for 20% ~ 30%.
  • River pebble stone: More than 98% of the river pebble is a hard charcoal core, and a very small amount of quartz stone. Most of the river pebble strength is above 150MPa. River pebbles with a diameter of more than 100mm account for 20% to 30% of the total.

Due to a large amount of mud in the river, in order to reduce the difficulty and cost, the sediment must be removed before crushing. A simple screening tool was added to screen out the sediment.

2 90T/H-120T/H pebble crusher line equipment

The main crushing process step is material – screening – rough crushing – middle crushing – re-screening – fine crushing – washing sand – discharge.
pebble crusher

  • According to the type and output capacity of the crushing equipment, we determine a set of sand and gravel combined production lines with the processing capacity of 120t (65.7m3) per hour. In addition, considering that the hardness of the river pebble is extremely high and the crushing efficiency is relatively low, the graded crushing production line is best choice, that is, the PE500×750 jaw stone crusher is used first, and then the WLC1160 cone rock crusher is used for middle crushing, and then two sets of 1200×700 roller crusher used to fine crushing sand. The coarse sand is sent to the GS1530 screen for sorting. The materials that meet the particle size requirements are washed into the XSD216 sand washing machine. The materials that have not reached the standard are returned to the roll crusher do a second crushing process.
  • Rough crusher: PE jaw crusher series capable of crushing high-hardness river pebbles with large pressure, thick rafts, large dentition span, large crushing moment and narrow and deep mouth;
  • Medium-crusher equipment: WL1160 cone crusher is capable of crushing high-healed river pebbles; as intermediate-level crushing, gravel-grain shape can meet the quality requirements of the relevant codes of highway engineering, and the broken gravel strips and sheets can be controlled; the wear parts are easy to change and wear; the output is above 100t/h.

The river pebble sand production line has the advantages of operation specification, high efficiency, uniform particle size, accurate gradation, advanced technology and stable quality.  JXSC provides a full of pebble crusher, granite crusher, quarry crusher, sand making machines, screening, washing, dryer, etc. equipment.

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